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My culture picks of 2017

As a person who loves getting out and about to sample everything cultural London has to offer, I feel like I’ve been spoilt for choice this year. 1,059 more words


Trivial pursuit

Christmas is still a time for board games, right?  Certainly, broadcasters seem concerned that we are not watching enough television over Christmas (and so losing one of the season’s myriad meanings) and this time must be going somewhere…  However, this post will not be about games of general knowledge: instead the title will stand as a reproach to the author’s life. 1,171 more words

Romantics Anonymous @ The Globe

Kicking off her last season as Artistic Director, Emma Rice has taken the French – Belgian film Les Émotifs Anonymes and adapted it into a stunning musical alongside music and lyrics by Michael Kooman and Christopher Dimond. 363 more words


Review: Romantics Anonymous

I’m officially living in London now – still feels a bit surreal if I’m honest! Everything has happened very fast and up until now I haven’t had a moment to breathe. 536 more words


Film Review: Romantics Anonymous

Someone recommended Romantics Anonymous (original title: Les émotifs anonymes) to me ages ago–and then it sat in its Netflix envelope next to my television for… 149 more words


It's movie marathon day: chocolate

Happy Easter to everyone! It is the day we eat the most together with Christmas, so everything I wish to you is to have a good digestive! 192 more words


Romantics Anonymous (RA)

I went for an RA meeting last week. We meet twice a month because two weeks is all it takes for some of these guys to fall hopelessly in love; me included. 1,103 more words

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