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Keep rolling

Once again it has been a while since I posted. Posting from Calgary, Canada. It has been my new snowboard base for the last months. Gladly, and good so far, I can say that the mission to be back was completed months ago and I’m currently enjoying my boarding life again. 292 more words

Ryan Paterson - 2014 - Nuu Life Cinema

This kid has got range. Watch him rip big mountain then take it to the streets. Nice work.

The 10 Best Snowboarding Instagrams

It will probably always weird me out when snowboarding abruptly collides with the mainstream media. It’s usually okay in my book, though, as long as Bob Costas isn’t involved. 184 more words

Rome Snowboards presents: Find Snowboarding - Aleutians

As Cody Booth made his yearly migration to Alaska in search of untouched lines and epic powder – The weather was less then cooperative.
Armed with a map and pending weather forecast a decision was made to head west…as far west as possible. 110 more words


The 2015 Winter Outlook has been released

It’s only Tuesday, but things have really been kicking off within the snowboarding community recently. Let’s start with what is, probably, considered one of the most hype-worthy things a snowboarder can lay their eyes on. 203 more words

Top Bindings of 2015

Today I realized that we are more than halfway through August. I don’t know where my head’s been at, but I thought today was, like, August 3rd. 93 more words

Rome Snowboards Presents 'Find Snowboarding'

I get overly obessed with things. They are usually healthy obsessions and don’t consume my every waking moment, but they are definitely low-key obsessions. I’m going to chalk this up to me just being a passionate person. 205 more words