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ICC hosts launch of civil society forum to commemorate 20th anniversary of the Rome Statute

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has hosted the launch of the Coalition for the ICC’s commemorations of the 20th anniversary of the Rome Statute – the Court’s founding treaty– with an Open Forum at the seat of the Court in The Hague, The Netherlands. 571 more words


ICC: Ongwen Defense requests leave to appeal decision on fair trial violations

The Defense in the trial of Dominic Ongwen requests leave to appeal the decision on the Defense’s request for findings on fair trial violations related to the Acholi translation of the Confirmation Decision. 89 more words


The Challenges of Prosecuting Wars of Aggression

By Benjamin Dürr | mail@benjamin-duerr.de

Twenty years after its creation, the International Criminal Court (ICC) is on the verge of gaining jurisdiction over a new crime, enabling the court to prosecute high-level individuals for waging war. 1,090 more words

International Law For Sustainable Societies

The Israeli settlement project is a war crime

This week saw a new round of construction approvals by the Israeli government for settlement housing units, the majority of which are for colonies “deep” in the occupied West Bank. 941 more words


ICC: ASP concludes, sets Rome Statute Review Conference for May 2010

The Assembly of States Parties (ASP) concludes its eighth session and adopts resolutions on several issues, including: next year’s Review Conference of the Rome Statute; the establishment of an independent oversight mechanism; the partial subsidizing of family visits for indigent detainees; the establishment of an African Union liaison office in Addis Ababa; the permanent premises of the Court; and the program budget for 2010. 111 more words


Exclusive: Amnesty pledges to consider if Israel is committing apartheid

In an unprecedented development, Amnesty International has pledged to consider whether the Israeli government is committing the crime of apartheid in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt). 1,017 more words


ICC: Burundi's withdrawal from Rome Statute takes effect

Burundi’s withdrawal from the Rome Statute takes effect. The ICC court may still exercise jurisdiction over crimes listed in the Rome Statute committed in Burundi or by Burundian nationals outside its territory from 1 December 2004 to 26 October 2017.