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Is enough being done to protect ICC witnesses?

The past weeks have seen several witnesses withdraw from the ICC prosecutor’s case against Deputy Kenyan President William Ruto and Kenyan journalist Joshua Sang, saying they are afraid to testify. 1,070 more words


Part 7: Australia's "irrelevant" Crimes against Humanity: What are the Crimes and why are they crimes against humanity?

Australia’s “irrelevant” Crimes against Humanity stem from a basic set of Crown laws and international laws.

Over a period measured in decades, the constitutional rights, legal rights, and basic human rights of millions of vulnerable people have been violated. 2,653 more words

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Bringing CIA torture to justice

In this post from openDemocracy’s States of Impunity project, Andreas Schüller of the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights discusses how global civil society has been fighting on multiple fronts to chip away at the impunity of the world’s most powerful nation. 1,927 more words


#GlobalJusticeWeekly - No fly zone for Sudan president

In a welcome rebuke to fugitives from international justice, Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir cancelled a visit to Indonesia this week, reportedly after several countries denied… 1,175 more words



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Discussions about the ICC happen all too frequently among young Africans. Many people are of the opinion that the ICC has not been very effective in handling international crimes, this assertion is made going by its record of convictions of the Court in the past (12) years of its existence.   1,310 more words

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The International Criminal Court will never investigate Palestine’s problems

I want to start with a prediction, one I’ve made before and still subscribe to: the International Criminal Court will never open a formal investigation into the situation in Palestine. 1,349 more words