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Traffic in Rome

I would never want to drive anywhere in Rome, but I found the traffic in Rome very entertaining. The cars were small and cute and there were scooters everywhere. 167 more words


July 30: Pierre and Mohamed, Martyrs Together.

The great doors of the ancient Abbey of Saint Maurice in Switzerland are modern but in keeping with what is a place of martyrdom. Here the soldiers Maurice, Victor and their companions were martyred for not obeying unjust orders. 261 more words

Daily Reflections

Ten Key Events in the Fall of the Roman Empire

The Fall of Rome, which unfolded over a century, was defined by several key events, ten of which stand out as pivotal moments that sealed the fate of the Roman world and ushered in the world of the early Middle Ages.   931 more words

Day 2 - Rome

As I said on the last post, judgement is to be avoided at all costs, ‘do no feel smarter than what you think’ was the mantra of the day. 189 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow (I)

A Long narrow corridor in a 16th century villa named “Villa d’Este”  in Tivoli, near Rome, Italy for WPC


24 hours in: R O M E

24 hours in such a gloriously rich city is, of course, not enough time. However, using my knowledge of this great city with my experience of living here, here is an itinerary I recommend for conquering this wonderous maze of beauty, in no more than 24 hours!  1,755 more words


Rome Day 15: Church Crawl

What’s a bar crawl? In Rome, we do church crawls.

After a class that was less intense than I expected, we met Professor Hillebrad to begin our tour of a few key churches. 563 more words