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Art Diaries: A Trip To Rome

So, that’s one of my most challenging paintings completed. Surprisingly enough, I loved every minute of it. Even the bits I hated, where things seemed like they were going wrong. 217 more words


Venchi: The Palazzo of Gelato

Venchi   〉   €   〉 Via della Croce 25/26, Rome, Italy  〉  +39 06 6979 7790

Prepare yourself for another of my unpopular opinions: I dislike ice cream. 505 more words


The Gregorian Calendar is Messing with Us

And messing with our minds.

Like water to fish, the Gregorian Calendar is invisible to us. And by “us”, I mean anyone who only uses the Gregorian by which to schedule their lives, and less so people who follow other calendar systems, and especially those who follow the Sun, the Moon, the Seasons. 1,091 more words


Running the streets of Rome

When visiting Rome for your first time, what you’ll notice is how crowded and full of tourists the city is. They are everywhere – and most likely are in all of your photos. 223 more words


What would Romans do?

This past spring, one of my best girlfriends decided to try going solo. The plan was that she would do Paris on her own and then would meet me for a weekend in Rome so we could swap stories and catch up. 285 more words


Roman Blood: Steven Saylor


Roma Sub Rosa: Book I

Time to meet another pioneering Roman detective, this one operating some decades earlier than Lindsey Davis’s engaging Falco. It’s 80 BC when we first encounter Gordianus, called the Finder, a man known in a certain section of society for his ability to find not only things but truth. 781 more words