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19 August, 14 C.E.

On this day some 2005 years ago, Gaius Octavian Augustus aged 75 died in Nola, Italy.

He was the first Emperor of Rome, nephew of Julius Cesar. 297 more words


The train to Florence

Getting around Italy by high speed train is easy and relaxing. We have regularly used it between Rome, Florence and Naples in the past and this trip is no exception. 102 more words


Rome - Interrail 2019

There is something endlessly enchanting about Rome. Between the rich history spanning millennia and the deeply delicious dishes on offer, there’s never a moment to be bored. 774 more words

Our next trip to Italy will last 30 days and cover a lot of area

il prossimo viaggio in Italia our next trip to Italy.

In addition to the places on the map, we will travel from Treviso to Roma where we will spend 10 days. 77 more words

Travel Italy

Roman Girl and Carmen, the Spirit of Love Poetry, Color Pencil, 2019

In a tabletop roleplaying campaign that I’m running, which is set in a fantasy version of ancient Rome, one of the player characters trolls a fellow conspirator by dispatching Carmen, the Spirit of Love Poetry, to read her military treatises and interpret them as outpourings of desire.  82 more words


On This Date...

On this date, August 19, 295 BC The first temple to Venus, the Roman goddess of love, beauty and fertility, is dedicated in Rome…