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Vatican City

Within the historic city of Rome lies the smallest independent nation-state in the world, consisting of 110 acres and around 800 residents. Vatican City is governed by the Holy See, the government of the Roman Catholic Church, which has full ownership, dominion, sovereign authority and jurisdiction over the state.  412 more words


Rome: How to spend your time if you've already seen the Forum

Walk the ‘Heart of Rome’

Experience Café Life in Trastevere

Visit the lesser known museums

Museo Nazionale Romano

Bits of Gibbon (Vol. Chap. XI)

This line about the Gallic emperor Postumus tickled me.  It’s like a line from a song by The Fall.

He was slain at Cologne, by a conspiracy of jealous husbands


How and when and why to lift

Young man, or young woman. You who are reading this. Do you even lift? And if you do even lift, why do you even lift? Do you even lift because you wish to have a firmer butt, in order to attract males? 524 more words

Life Skills

A Not So Concise History of Scotland (Part Five): Freeze, Jesus Time!

A Disclaimer: On dates, one is advised to avoid the subjects of religion and politics. Personally, I don’t get this. I would like to know if the person I am dating believes in the snake God Zargon, or doesn’t believe in democracy. 1,297 more words


Rome 2018: Roman Forum

The rain continued to fall as my parents and I descended from Palatine Hill back down to the Roman Forum. According to legend this is where the ancient city of Rome was founded and today you can still walk the same streets that Julius Caesar once strolled, though there’s little left of the buildings themselves. 314 more words


Tali for Saturnalia

The ancient Romans celebrated the holiday of Saturnalia on this day, the 17th of December. (At least in early Roman history it was a one-day holiday; later, it was extended so that it started on the 17th and lasted through the 23rd.) Saturnalia was a festival of good cheer and relaxed social strictures, thought of as recreating a lost golden age ruled over by the god Saturn. 786 more words