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The Artichoke, Rome's 8th King

I’ve given up trying to cook artichokes as sampled in Rome and I’m feeling very cross with myself.  I never fancied myself as a great cook but I am a fairly good one, but artichokes have beaten me. 446 more words

Italy Earthquake: 120 Dead, 368 Injured

At least 120 people are now believed to have been killed, and a further 368 injured, following an earthquake, in central Italy. 136 more words


Pax Romana, by Adrian Goldsworthy

Yale University Press sent me a new book by Adrian Goldsworthy: Pax Roman: War, Peace, and Conquest in the Roman World.

Release date September 13, 2016.

433 more words

Bvlgari Bvlgari Piccola Catene: essential avantgarde

Bulgari Bulgari Piccola Catene: a name that immediately brings to mind its chain bracelet that sensually embraces the wrist, like a second skin, testifying of a connection deeply rooted to the jewellery world. 332 more words



The Battle of Alesia was one of the major game changers in ancient history, and led to the Roman conquest of Gaul.

Julius Caesar had been elected a Consul of Rome and was governor of Gaul for an unprecedented five years. 225 more words


Cee's Which Way Photo Challenge - August 24

…..thanks for bringing back the The Which Way Photo Challenge

A few random photos from Italy. #1 View from the town of Assisi

#2 Looking down onto a street in Rome

#3 Walkway in Vatican City


Italy Earthquake: Death Toll Rises To 73

At least 73 people are now believed to have been killed, and more are still trapped among the rubble, following an earthquake, measuring magnitude 6.2, in central Italy. 123 more words