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Feeling Tense? Italian Modal Verbs

Today, we have a quick lesson on Italian Modal Verbs and how they change their meaning depending on verb tense you select when speaking or writing about something that happened in the past. 243 more words

A Cure for Road Rage and Other Modern Ailments

The next time you have to slam on your bakes to avoid crashing into the car that has just cut in front of you, or  you’re stuck, seething, behind a car whose driver turned on his – or her, these things being largely gender neutral – left turn signal, just as the light turned green, before you lean on the horn – or even worse – thereby adding to the already frazzled state of all around you, you might want to consider what a 16th century Italian cardinal did when those around him did things that sent his blood pressure into the stratosphere. 2,168 more words

Baroque Gardens

The Native New Yorker Takes on Rome: Take Me to Church

If there is thing you have to do at least once in Italy is to visit a church.  I mean really we’re talking about the country that help the insane amount of wealth and power of the Catholic church.   253 more words

2 Days in Rome - Vatican

After Lisbon, we had two more days to travel around before my school started again. While we were planning the trip we’ve discussed many different cities to end our travels for the break, and we decided to go to Rome. 473 more words


Firenze and the Eternal City

France is a country that gives a lot of vacation time: students generally get at least a week off in the fall, two weeks for Christmas, at least a week for a later “winter break,” and at least a week for Easter–plus, of course, two to three months of summer vacation. 1,181 more words

Study Abroad


Yesterday was really awesome day, I made great pizza , opens up a bottle of good wine and revel in the memories, of a good time I had in Rome. 167 more words


Wives Wanted

March 1, 752 BC: Romulus celebrates victory. Romulus founded Rome, according to legend, in 753 BC. The conquerors began looking for wives and entered into negotiations with the Sabines, peoples already living in the area. 607 more words