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Great Battles of The Ancient World: Thermopylae

Herodotus is quite clear that the defense of Thermopylae was no suicide mission, and that this is where the Greek alliance planned to stop the entire Persian invasion.

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A time to reflect on the present and to recalibrate for the future

Thirty years in Rome, the “Eternal City,” does not seem like a long time, and yet we at The Lay Centre are taking time to mark this… 225 more words

The Bad Pope

What we see growing in Renaissance Italy was increasingly an interest on the part of individual popes to use the institution of the Church and its wealth, and the authority that the pope had over the papal states to build a dynastic kingdom or principality for members of their family. 1,269 more words

Italian anti-Mafia police recover two 'priceless' Van Gogh paintings stolen from Amsterdam 14 years ago

ROME — Anti-Mafia police in Naples have recovered two Van Gogh paintings stolen from Amsterdam in 2002, the Van Gogh Museum and organized crime investigators said Friday. 192 more words


ROME - Unity with Manja Mexi Movie

I just had to post these few photos today :D As an act of unity with the latest article of Manja about Vatican Museums. 46 more words


No Shit

Not long before my trip to Italy last month, a friend asked me about a particular text in Herculaneum. Her question stirred a vague recollection, which of course piqued my curiosity. 1,001 more words