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Rome: A Visit to The Eternal City

By: Lauren
Rome, Italy
Dates Visited: September 13-16, 2015

Are there places you feel you quite literally have to visit? You can’t remember mentally adding them to your bucket list they have just always been there? 892 more words


Rome Day 1

So, I’ve been really lazy lately. It’s been a month since I’ve posted any of our happenings! Not that it hasn’t been interesting over here (after all, we did spend a weekend in ROME!) but i’ve been lazy. 408 more words

Week 47: Rosanne houdt van Rome

Ciao bella!

Het eerste dat ik zag vanuit de trein van het vliegveld naar de stad, waren de mooie bomen – pijnbomen, zo leerde ik later – en de mooie gelige kleur die het zonlicht gaf. 418 more words

Blogs Van Zuster Rosanne

First day of fall

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower“, Albert Camus

I think autumn is by far my favourite season. The trees look really pretty in autumn, the ground is positively gleaming and everything gets a bit more atmospheric.

184 more words

Rome wasn't build in a day....Neither was I

So  this weekend I was due to fill up my blog and social media with posts of my weekend in London Town and roaming Rome. Why this trip was so important and how did it come about??? 492 more words

29 of November 800.AD Charlemagne arrives at ‪‎Rome‬ #Onthisday

800.AD Guess what happened ‪#‎onthisday‬ in ‪#‎History‬ – Charlemagne arrives at ‪#‎Rome‬ to look into and investigate the alleged crimes of Pope Leo III.

Stay in connected with me and groovy : i hope you all have enjoyed stay groovy. 24 more words