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Genocide Against Tutsi in Rwanda: US Denial Worse Than Is Usually Remembered

By: Nathan J. Robinson

“If the horrors of the Holocaust taught us anything,” Bill Clinton said before becoming president, “it is the high cost of remaining silent and paralyzed in the face of genocide. 4,889 more words


Retired Lt.-Gen. Romeo Dallaire talks mental health in Hamilton

Retired general and senator Romeo Dallaire was in Hamilton on Thursday to speak about his experience with PTSD.

As a part of Mental Illness Awareness Week, St. 332 more words


Statistics, damn lies and the truth about Rwanda genocide

The real Rwanda genocide story has no Canadian heroes.

Canadian commentators often claim more Tutsi were killed in the genocide than lived in Rwanda. Since it aligns with Washington, London and Kigali’s interests, as well as liberal nationalist Canadian ideology, the statistical inflation passes with little comment. 1,522 more words


My Summer Reading List

Since it’s that time of year when I’m on vacation from all the required readings for university courses, I decided to put together a list of what I’m hoping to read instead. 562 more words

Life Of Mel

Child Soldiers - Changing the Nature of the Conversation to "Win"

According to the Child Soldiers Initiative, “the use of child soldiers is one of the farthest-reaching and most disturbing trends in contemporary conflict”. It would be very easy to forcefully say that it is wrong and that the people who put children in the line of fire are cold, calculating and vile people. 570 more words

Worldview Intelligence

Source: Reset Doc

Rwanda’s Untold Story. A Commentary on the BBC Two Documentary

By Nicoletta Fagiolo

Criticism of current Rwandan President Paul Kagame and his administration is on the rise.

7,645 more words

Hundreds gather in Montreal for 3rd annual March for Humanity

Dozens of flags from different countries and diverse ethnic groups and religions gathered on the streets of downtown Montreal to take part in the March for Humanity and Genocide Prevention. 170 more words