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Canadians We Like

Canadians We Like

We could spend all day  listing Canadians of note, but here are a dozen that are worthy of deep respect.

Louise Arbour… 77 more words


The Canadian Peacekeepers

The Canadian Peacekeepers

Canadians are rightfully proud of their active role in the United Nations peacekeeping forces.  In a poll commissioned for Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017 on Canadian accomplishments that make you proud – peacekeeping came in second. 160 more words


Day 27-Guests To Dinner

So I’m hosting the best party of the year, and you walk in, and these are the 10 people sitting around the table:

  1. Lin Manuel Miranda…
  2. 25 more words
30 Day Challenge

Montreal's deradicalization centre teams up with Roméo Dallaire initiative to study child soldiers

When a Montreal teenager robbed a dépanneur to fund his trip to Syria, his lawyers argued he was the victim – a child soldier for ISIS or whatever jihadi group had lured him through the Internet, and as such not responsible for the crime. 917 more words

Local News

Arusha is Not a Panacea

 By Audace Gatavu, Human Rights Lawyer

The 2015 political crisis in Burundi sparked by the incumbent president Pierre Nkrunzinza’s bid to a controversial third term has been ongoing for over a year now. 656 more words


Romeo Dallaire

“Fox Trot Niner is the Force Commander, and if you don’t have anything else to do right now, he would like to talk to you. Over!” 1,122 more words

Third Culture Kids

Rethinking missile defence

There is a good, informative article in the National Post suggesting that part of remit of the Defence Review will be to reconsider Canadian participation in continental missile defence. 431 more words

Justin Trudeau