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Must Reads For The Week 2/1/14

In Defense Of The Mises Institute, at economicpolicyjournal.com. When the New York Times is trying to fudge the truth, ( lie), about the Austrian school of economics, you know you are making progress in educating people about the economic reality of Government intervention into the economy. 537 more words

Must Reads For The Week

O.M.G., Sarah Palin Was Right!

 What, Sarah Palin was right?

O.k., by most definitions she’s always been right, as in “Far To The Right”, politically speaking.

But in this case I’m talking about her statement that with the passage of… 50 more words

The 87 Republican Congressmen who betrayed America

Will this, at last, be the shot heard round the Party? Republican Turncoats, Holding all the votes to kill the funding to national Romney Care (231-198), instead turned their back on their own Republican Base and on the whole tradition of American freedom. 446 more words

Counterfeit Conservatives

Medicare Mumbles and the US Class System

People in the US shy away from the socialized medicine practiced in Great Britain and Canada like it’s some kind of regressive poison that deprives people of what they need. 454 more words

Eating Well

Romney Care -- Not Nearly Bold Enough

A Romney Presidency will act aggressively from day one to kill the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). The fate of American healthcare over potentially 8 years of Romney’s federal stewardship provides stark reason for more uncertainty about keeping faith with the first tenant of the phrase, Life, Liberty, and Happiness. 1,252 more words

2012 Election

"Obama Care" Ruling, Part 2

Bill Rankin and Bob Kerrigan discuss the staggering number of Americans without health insurance – what is ultimately to be done?

Bill and Bob talk about possible solutions to solve the problem of affordable universal health care.

Originally broadcast July 2, 2012