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We Need Fundamental Tax Reform!

Most Americans would agree that our tax code is a mess and needs major reform.  The last reform was in 1986 when the top rate was reduced from 50% to 28% and many deductions were eliminated.  405 more words

Jack Heidel

CBS News' Numbers Conundrum: A Backward Look

During the presidential campaign, CBS News reported that it did not know if the numbers on the Romney tax plan would work out. In other words, over 10 years, could the $5 to $6 trillion loss in revenue be made revenue neutral? 328 more words

8 of Nation's Wealthiest Counties Want Bush Tax Cuts To Expire


See Link Above – Obama Wins 8 of the Nation’s 10 Wealthiest Counties

President Obama doesn’t want the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy to expire out of spite or for the heck of it. 365 more words

Politics: The Struggle For Opportunity

Reassessing the Bush Tax Cuts

When the Tax Policy Center (TPC) calculated the ten-year revenue loss of the Romney tax plan, it, for some reason, did not include Romney’s proposal for permanent extention of the Bush tax cuts. 241 more words

Why Mitt Romney Gets Away with His Campaign Whoppers

Those who have watched the development of the Romney campaign with incredulity, and no small amount of amazement, have certainly asked themselves at one point or another: How is it possible that it has managed to get away with so many distortions, half-truths and outright lies? 537 more words


Romney Economic Policy Risks Simultaneous Deficit Explosion, Double Dip Recession

Though it has been difficult to pin down Romney’s economic policies in the public arena, they remain readily available via his campaign website. And what Romney proposes creates severe risk of economic decline as bad or worse than that resulting from Bush’s failed economic policies. 727 more words

Economic Justice