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Four videos of ads

Nike: Short A Guy

Odell Beckham Jr. Shoulders of Greatness | Head & Shoulders

Political Ad – Romney – Too Many Americans

First Obama Presidential Ad


Kevin McCarthy handed Hillary her new ad.

This is the wrong time for the GOP to be electing a new speaker.  However, I don’t blame Boehner for stepping down.  He’d had enough of the persecution by the base of the Party, who can’t seem to figure out that Obama is President and as long as he is, Republicans will not get their agenda passed.  371 more words

Current Political Comments

Trump Slams Hapless Romney: He choked!

Donald Trump fired back at Mitt Romney on Thursday, a day after the 2012 GOP presidential nominee predicted that Trump would not be the Republican nominee. 62 more words

National News

Why Romney Should Run in 2016

Romney Can Win In 2016


          Donald Trump and Ben Carson are currently the top two candidates in the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary, with Carly Fiorina holding in third.   253 more words


A HUGE "I told ya so!"

Dripping with sarcasm and downright contempt, Obama makes the turn-around that much sweeter now. NANY NANY BOO BOO!  


Targeting Chronically Homeless Veterans with HUD-VASH

Hundreds of veterans are sleeping on the street or in the emergency shelter system in the District of Columbia. This brief examines data from the vulnerability index survey, completed by the DC Department of Health and Human Services and Common Ground, a nonprofit supportive housing provider.



What a Difference a Week Can Make!

By: Susan Bea Good

I remember the presidential debates of 2012. Romney was the clear winner of the first, clearly slamming Obama…and all Conservatives breathed a sigh of relief, presuming we had a straight path to victory. 264 more words