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#Obamaloney: Romney zings back at #RomneyHood, citizens pile on

#Obamaloney RT @EricFehrn: On Fox just now Romney was asked to respond to “RomneyHood” charge and called it “Obamaloney.” — Team Romney (@TeamRomney) August 7, 2012 Nice one, Governor Romney! 128 more words

Team Obama calls Romney a tax cheat while ignoring Tim ‘TurboTax’ Geithner

*Cough*Geithner*Cough* MT @keder: Aren’t there a lot of tax cheats in Obama’s administration? How about they release *their* tax returns? — The Dartmouth Review (@DartmouthReview) July 13, 2012 Chalk up another FAIL for the mainstream media. 39 more words

Pay Attention Sarah "Pro-Life" Means "Pro-Choice"

Five years ago I wrote a post on this blog regarding my nephew Palmer.

I explained in detail why it was that Palmer was alive because of the availability of abortion. 560 more words

The Truth According to Us - Macedonia, West Virginia - Annie Barrows

Why a booktrail?

In the small town of Macedonia, West Virginia, times are a changing and history comes to light that could change it even more  840 more words

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