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Remember Detroit

A half-century of industry grounded in the production (mostly) of mediocrity. Now we have a White House and Congress to match.


Op-ed: Obama and Romney need to weigh in on net neutrality

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Michael A. Livermore is the executive director of the Institute for Policy Integrity at New York University School of Law, a nonpartisan think tank using economics and law to protect the environment, public health, and consumers. 807 more words


Biden Encourages Romney To Consider Senate Run In Utah

PARK CITY, Utah (AP) – Former Vice President Joe Biden is encouraging onetime GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney to run for the Senate in Utah if longtime Republican incumbent Orrin Hatch decides to retire next year. 66 more words


Has The Donald made the World Right Again?

The Donald appears to be making a difference but admittedly as a novice supporter it is hard to tell. I rooted for him mainly because he wasn’t a NWO globalist sellout like Clinton or a Bush or a Romney or a McCain and he has high energy and I believe actually loves America so in reality he was the only one to support in flyover country. 435 more words

Morning Meditations & The Clinton Restoration

Perhaps I’m getting jaded. I read today where there’s a plan to publish the daily morning scriptural meditations that Hillary Clinton reportedly received from her preacher, the Rev. 464 more words


My time with Edward Snowden's Attorney, Ben Wizner

(Wizner, Randell Stroud (Founder of Nalini-Global)

It was October of 2015, I got the call from an old colleague  that Ben Wizner was in town  at the Nashville Public Library giving a lecture on cyber-security and how it relates to civil liberties concerns. 606 more words


Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there! I just spent the afternoon at my favorite event of the year, The New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival! 256 more words

Fun With Fiber