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Show America the Proof Donald Trump You Are Being Audited

By Dr. Sherman Jackson

How transparent is Donald Trump?

He has refused to release his tax returns because he says is being audited.  Yet, he has not produced any documents to certify that he is being audited.  582 more words

Politics in the News, 10/15/16

October politics.

The Clinton-Republican Establishment conglomerate may well win by making the election a referendum on Trump’s character and sex life. However, by doing so, they completely undermine any pretense that a Clinton victory has anything to do with support for open borders, globalism, radical feminism, Colored supremacy, or any of the other aspects of Clintonite/System ideology. 362 more words


What Donald Trump supporters should know: Donald Trump has no true friends, is fickle, inconstant, and disloyal!

It’s a wonder that a handful of Republican Party leaders are still supporting Donald Trump’s candidacy for president. When one considers what Donald Trump stands for and what he has fought for his entire life – which are himself and his own financial interests, respectively – any sane person would (and should) keep a distance from him. 235 more words

America’s Partisan Divide Can Increasingly Be Found Along County Lines

At the turn of the 20th century, America’s major dividing lines were found along regional and geographic boundaries.  The South was solidly Democratic and the majority of the rest of the nation Republican. 1,065 more words


An Election Year Impervious to Bad Press

Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump has been getting a lot of bad press lately, even by Republican president nominee standards, and by now it’s almost to a point where even such avid news readers as ourselves can hardly keep up. 1,230 more words


Politics and More

Some say that the campaign of the candidate is the “stress test” of their possible presidential run. Campaigns can be repetitive and sometimes never ending with the candidates. 370 more words

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Hope even in the death of a love one 

I’ve done my whole adult life with my Karen, the only woman I’ve ever needed. Suddenly, I have to figure out how to do the rest of my life without her. 281 more words