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Hillary to voters: "I got this." Voters and Bernie to Hillary: "Not so fast."

–Kevin Martin, Executive Director

Somehow I had avoided watching more than a few minutes of any of the presidential debates of either party prior to last night (presumably I’ll live longer for it), but I tuned in to the chatfest from Milwaukee somewhat dutifully. 580 more words

Peace Action

February Rolag Club: Collop Monday

Welcome to Forgotten Festivals Rolag Club!

This month we are celebrating Collop Monday on the 8th of February.

Many of us may be looking forward to pancake day on Tuesday. 308 more words


The Colorful New Hampshire Primary That Gives This Year a Run for Its Money

On Tuesday, Feb. 9, this year’s crop of presidential candidates will duke it out for the affection of Granite State voters, as the field continues to… 429 more words

Ted Cruz Needs Hitch-hiking Advice from Sarah Palin

Who would have guessed that Sarah Palin could teach Ted Cruz anything?  As voters go to the polls in Iowa today, Ted Cruz should be calling Sarah Palin to get tips on hitch-hiking.   66 more words

Reprise: How Beef-Loving Voters Can Get Tofu (aka Trump) for President

This is from the HomaFiles archives – one of my favs.

The original WSJ article was inspired by Clinton’s win over elder Bush (the Perot factor), younger Bush’s win over Gore (the Nader factor), and Jesse Ventura’s gov win in Minnesota. 744 more words

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Pre-Iowa Predictions

State of the Mugwumps

When Trump first announced he was running for President I realized I was in trouble. I was caught in a cycle of shame that started every morning by erasing my internet browser’s history and ended every night alone in bed with the lights off and the volume on my computer turned way down, watching videos of him saying crazy things to a crowd of crazy people. 1,260 more words


Those Crazy Russians

For those of us still wishing we had seen a Romney presidency, Obama mocking Romney for calling Russia a “geo-political foe” is fresh in mind.  ( 52 more words