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10 Awesome Underrated Girl Power Movies

There are few things I hate more than the term “chick flick”. Yuck.  I think that because a lot of these movies have been written off as “chick flicks”, no one gives them a chance or pays them any mind.   868 more words

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The One With All the Girls

I’ve been talking to several of my girlfriends lately, and as we’re all spread out in various states, it’s kind of a miracle that we still keep in touch the way we do.  907 more words


Teen Movies that got Us Through the 90s

Being a teenager in the 90s was a total drag! Cell phones were only available to the elite, you couldn’t download music off the internet, and there wasn’t such thing as Facebook or Instagram. 898 more words


I Invented Post-Its and The Big Eyes Paintings

Every single one of us has been made to do a group project at school or work with someone who ultimately takes the lion’s share of the credit after contributing way less. 709 more words

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Romy & Michele Might Be Attending Another High School Reunion.

Do you remember a 1997 movie called Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion? No? Well dust off your VHS player and acquaint yourself with the film as a long-awaited sequel might be on its way. 243 more words

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