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Han Solo Shakeup

Lord and Miller…OUT. Ron Howard…IN. Big shakeup this week as the director chairs get shuffled on the next STAR WARS standalone – The Young Han Solo film – with only three weeks left for principle photography. 109 more words



Star Wars fans, I have some bad news and some good news.  The bad new is that the directors for the upcoming Han Solo spinoff movie, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have quit five months into production.   286 more words


Interim Bonus Show

… because we’ve been telling you …

If you like what you have heard, please leave a review on iTunes and don’t forget to tell any fellow Han Solo fans about us.   67 more words

Han Solo

Ron Howard is 'beyond grateful' to take the lead of the Han Solo movie

From www.digitaltrends.com –  Everyone knows Han Solo shot first, but here’s everything else to know about the upcoming Star Wars anthology film.

Star Wars

The Fiasco That is 'Han Solo' and It's Director(s)

Two days ago, The Hollywood Reporter released a statement from Disney saying that they will be splitting with directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller who have been in principle photography with the… 305 more words


Here's Some Memes, Go See a Star War

With the recent news that Arrested Development creator Ron Howard will be directing the new Star Wars one-off movie about Han Solo, we would be negligent if we did not consider what that could look like. 295 more words

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Podcast June 23 - Once Upon a Time in Venice and Song to Song

It may not seem like it most of the time, but we here at Interjections work our darnedest to bring to you the hard-hitting news of our time. 120 more words