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Left or right -- Looking the wrong way at the Alberta election

The Edmonton Journal (Saturday, April 21st, 2012) carried a column with an interesting headline: Divided Left Wasted Glorious Opportunity. (here)

The columnist is missing the great story about the election — the emerging story about the future of politics in Alberta. 777 more words

Leech, Hunsperger, and Byfield -- Let's Focus on Local Accountability

In this provincial general election, Albertans are caught with one foot in the political past while the other foot is searching for the firm ground of the political future. 848 more words

Political Culture

Alberta Election: The Price of Free Speech

When the news first broke on Friday morning that Wildrose leader Danielle Smith, the election front-runner, was holding a press conference to address allegations that Wildrose candidates had made racist and homophobic remarks, there was speculation on Twitter that she might be able to eject one of her candidates from the campaign. 1,235 more words

Canadian Politician Claims "Caucasian Advantage"

CALGARY — A candidate running in the multicultural constituency of Calgary-Greenway is under fire after making remarks which claim he has an advantage in the election because he’s white. 171 more words


Wayne K. Spear: Wildrose adds to politics' rich history of gaffedom

The Alberta race, within view of the ribbon, is yielding the gaffes which invariably issue from the combined stresses of mental fatigue, excitement and desperation. In the gaffe genre, there are many sub-species of misspeaking. 651 more words

Full Comment

Stephen Mandel on Wildrose candidate Allan Hunsperger: "I don't think there's any place in our province for homophobism."

On city issues, Mandel also questions Wildrose chopping of Greentrip funding for LRT/C-train, delay of Royal Alberta Museum project

At Edmonton city hall, Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel weighed in on the provincial election today, doing so in careful fashion when it came to city issues, but speaking strongly against… 1,240 more words

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