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College: Winter Term

Woohoo!  I’m keeping up to speed with the updating, even if it is almost tomorrow.  Did that make sense?  Cuz it’s so late?  Man I hope I’m not this awkward on the radio…that wouldn’t make for much of a career. 1,038 more words


Lyric Overload

Has anyone else ever thought about how weird it is that there are some days we can barely remember our name, but we can remember every lyric to a song we learned when we were 5? 1,388 more words


Peas, Please!

Well, I made it! My first week at my new job, that I am completely in love with! I have an amazing view from my desk. 598 more words

Music Recommendation: Ryan Keen

Are you ever at a gig listening to the support act and sort of wishing they’d just finish their set so the actual concert could begin? 226 more words

Positive Notes on Trains

The other day I wrote about a long train journey I had, and how much people were complaining on that train. Today I wanted to share a more positive side of that journey. 218 more words