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Buzzed Books #27: Something Rich and Strange

Buzzed Books #27 by Dianne Turgeon-Richardson

Something Rich and Strange

This is less of a book review and more of a public service announcement:

If you’re not reading Ron Rash, you should be. 1,144 more words

Buzzed Books

The World Made Straight (2015) Noah Wyle & Southern Drama Hold the Cheese

The 2015 film The World Made Straight, is a dose of southern drama, holding off the cheese, and delivering a tale which encompasses the Civil War, the drug culture and how weed seems to have replaced White Lightning as the redneck’s produce of choice. 407 more words


Some Loves Can Never Let You Go

Last night my wife and I watched a drama film, directed by Susanne Bier (“A Second Chance”, “Love Is All You Need”), from last year –  617 more words


Read something which would look good if you were found dead in the middle of it

I think this is great advice, though I am ashamed to say I don’t always take it – The Killer Next Door by Alex Marwood may not look as good in my cold, withered hand as… 1,342 more words

Straight to Video: Not a Surprise

     I recently* happened upon an article on Vulture.com titled, “Why Did This Movie Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper Go Straight to VOD?” I knew which movie the author was referring to right away, and I wasn’t the least bit surprised to hear of its fate! 482 more words

Three Mini-Reviews (While Cloud Atlas Keeps Me Busy)


Serena by Ron Rash (2008)

Newly married George and Serena Pemberton arrive at the North Carolina camp where they will operate their timber company and barely blink at the pregnant young girl and her father waiting for them. 387 more words


Poetry Favorites: Aaron Brame

Who is your favorite living poet?

Right now, I’d say it’s Ron Rash. Ask me this time tomorrow, and it will probably be different. 188 more words

National Poetry Month