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The risk appetite

Qualitative risk assessments often involve assessing the risk management plan against the risk appetite of a company. A risk appetite represents the willingness an organization to take risks. 565 more words


Life, Animated (Williams, 2016)

This is not just a documentary about a boy with autism. It’s also a film about seeing the world through film, and that’s something we can all attest to. 262 more words

Family Matters 1 : It's a Wonderful Life, Animated

 Hank: Ron Suskind is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist whose son, Owen, developed autism at the age of 3. For years, Owen didn’t say a word, until one day he broke from his silence by repeating a line from “The Little Mermaid.” “Life, Animated” is a sweet, inspiring documentary about a boy who sank into an abyss of isolation, but emerged thanks to the magic of Disney movies. 458 more words