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Annals of the Great Recession XI.

I saw the Iraq War as an obvious act of stupidity from even before we attacked in Spring 2003. So, in 2008, I voted for the candidate who had opposed it, Barack Obama. 586 more words

American Society

Hey, Hillary Episode 1: Your biggest donors are hurting us

This is the first in a series as I try to catch Hillary up to what has happened in the last 7 years.

Back when she suspended her campaign in 2008, I thought her presidential hopes were finished. 1,866 more words


Reality Based Communities defy the Empire's "created reality"


There’s going to be a protest march in London today. You might not hear about it on the news, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. 1,072 more words

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Gilbert Gottfried: Interview with the slightly mad man

Gilbert Gottfried was a cast member on Saturday Night Live so briefly (one season) and so long ago (1981), that many people have probably forgotten he was ever on it. 834 more words

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When Hard Times Refine us

Not a week goes by after my last blog post before my mom calls…to tell me that she quit her job. Not fired- quit. (This is the first job she’s had after being unemployed for the past four years.) I don’t get any more details than that until about a week later, as she went into an emotional tailspin, with recurring phonecalls throughout the week telling me about how… 860 more words


TERI on the Radio

Tune in to 91.9fm KVRC on Friday, 10/3 at 8pm and Saturday, 10/4 at 7pm to hear Ron Suskind speak about TERI’s upcoming event, Building Bridges. 8 more words

The Way of the World by Ron Suskind (Book Review)


With all the competition from modern news outlets like twitter where information is doled out piecemeal and with such breathtaking pace as to make it almost impossible to verify the validity of sources traditional journalism has suffered and would seem a dead craft but for investigative journalists like Ron Suskind who seem to have carried on where legendary Watergate investigators Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein left off. 1,388 more words

Book Review