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In which I go outside and wildlife attacks.

Today was a momentous day in which I went outside. Declan and I had shopping to do, so we ventured into the outdoors. This was all well and good, but near the house there is a lake. 412 more words


Scotland Part II

So, I lied. As much as I’d always love to have time to write, I tend to take it as a good sign when I don’t. 1,449 more words

BBQ Bacon Balls

I’ve never been a huge bacon fan.

In fact, I whole heartedly believe that Ron Swanson would disown me for that statement. I mean, just look at him chowing down on a Swanson: 256 more words


The Art of the Block

I enjoy the lifehack genre percolating around the interwebs: the Youtube videos, the Buzzfeed columns, the pinterest pins.  They don’t always work and aren’t always true, but I appreciate new tactics for handling what John Updike described as the “beautiful mundane.” 119 more words

Parks and Recreation, with Gifs

I absolutely love Parks and Recreation. For anyone who knows me, the first conversation I had with my husband when we met was about  685 more words

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