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Fantasy dinner party

Most of my dinner parties are fictional, I’m really struggling to remember a real-life one I’ve either attended or hosted. I’m not sure what this says about myself, perhaps I am on a list of wanted dinner guests…least wanted.  263 more words

Daily Post

5 Definitive Signs That Ron Swanson Is Your Spirit Animal

It’s difficult for me to pick one favorite character on Parks And Recreation, since all of them are amazing in their own perfectly weird ways. 495 more words

Why Working Retail Actually Sucks

Summer jobs are always hard to come by; so when you actually nail an interview and get the job you tend to jump on it the moment the employer says they want you. 1,317 more words


Paddle Your Own Canoe

Well it seems that between spinning yarn, knitting, sailing and just plain enjoying my time in northern Washington (dear god I love vacationing with my parents), I have finally finished a book. 443 more words

Ron Swanson Quotes For When You Need To Tackle Life With A Whole-Ass Attitude

For seven seasons on Parks and Recreation, Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) reminded us about the greatness of meat and the perils of government and women named Tammy. 972 more words


Imagine If Your Pet Could Talk

If Your Pet Could Talk Whose Voice Would It Have?

I have three cats – Bingo, Disco and Aggie. They are all quite vocal as it as so I think I would be demented if they could actually speak like a human. 222 more words


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