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Ron Has a Joke


Leslie is trying to prepare for the correspondents’ lunch by testing her jokes on the Parks Department. While most of her jokes revolve around a local newspaper that has picked on Leslie in the past, she decides to ask her colleagues if they have any jokes she can use Ron decides to tell the gang a joke about efficient governments, but Leslie doesn’t find it all that funny.

Leslie Knope

Ron's "Free" Steak


Ron thinks he’s won a free steak from a local steakhouse, but instead he’s been served papers. While he isn’t actually getting that steak, he should have been weary about the opportunity of a free item.

Ron Swanson

Ron's Money Preference


Ron owes a large settlement, but keeps his money stored in the form of gold and palladium. While the rest of the office thinks this is a really neat idea, they question whether he knows how much money he actually has since it’s not stored in paper money. 13 more words

Ron Swanson

Motivating Workers


Ron and Chris disagree with the best way to motivate workers. While Chris takes a more intrinsic approach, Ron focuses on base level needs of fear and hunger, but also on money. 34 more words

Ron Swanson

Crunchy Cons and (Anti?-)Consumerist Posturing

Ok, so here’s a sincere question: If we spend more time acquiring goods locally and ethically, doesn’t this mean we are becoming more materialistic, not less? 1,068 more words


Steak, Cigars, and Health Problems


Ron and Leslie get into a debate about people’s right to determine how they treat their own bodies. Leslie shows up to his dinner where Ron announces he’s eating a Turf’n’Turf and will consumer an entire cigar. 34 more words

Leslie Knope

Freedom to Choose


After Sweet-Ums tries stocking the local parks with their sugar-loaded protein bars, Leslie and Ann try holding a town forum to persuade citizens to vote against this decision. 41 more words

Leslie Knope