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Why God Loves Capitalism


Ron teaches his young basketball players that capitalism is God’s way of determining who is smart and who is poor. In the long run of a perfectly competitive market, the worst performers should be pushed out of the market.

Ron Swanson

Mouth Drinkers


The citizens of Pawnee drink from a water fountain by placing their whole mouth on the nozzle. Ann correctly points out the externality in the situation that by kissing one water fountain drinker, you’re kissing them all.

Ron Swanson


While on suspension, Leslie buys her officemates Christmas gifts based on their personalities. Ron mentions how he only gives people $20, but realizes how great Leslie’s gifts are and how the office needs to remedy the gift giving imbalance.

Leslie Knope

Andy Goes to College


Andy has decided to take a class at the local community college and April is helping him look through the catalog. Ron encourages him to take a course in a new subject and broaden his horizons, but April thinks he should take an easy class to get an A.

Ron Swanson

Cost of College


Andy is ready to register for his first college course, but is shocked by the cost of one class. He then decides to pick up a second job before Ron offers to pay for his class.

Ron Swanson

Flutes for Zorp!


The Reasonablists are having their end-of-life party in the local park and Ron sees an opportunity to sell his high quality flutes. Because the party springs up without notice, Ron sees a sudden spike in demand.

Ron Swanson