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Don't Grow Up

Why Expecting Drastic Character Growth in T.V. Characters is Somewhat Unrealistic.

With the Spring semester finally over, I decided that I’d hop on the Daredevil bandwagon that I’ve been waiting to jump on and instead of infecting my tablet with streaming viruses just to watch it in low def, I figured it’d be good to start up a free trial of Netflix. 1,969 more words


Harry Potter: The Comedy

I have been a big fan of the Harry Potter books since they were released in 1997. Even though I was very small, and didn’t have much of a handle of the written word (I was three years old), I remember reading them with the rest of my family. 541 more words

Best Seller

Quote of the Day

“Elphias Doge mentioned her to us,” said Harry, trying to spare Hermione.

“That old berk,” muttered Aberforth, taking another swig of mead.  “Thought the sun shone out of my brother’s every orifice, he did.  

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Tea Leaves Fortune Telling

People change, but blog formats stay the same. That’s lucky given my recent blog deleting rate. I can’t always write with the one voice, though, as if I never have conflicts within myself. 123 more words


Jessie Cave [Lavender Brown's] Birthday

Today May the 5th  is Jessie Cave’s Birthday, Who plays Lavender brown in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Quote of the Day

Ron gasped.
“The silver doe!” he said excitedly. “Was that you too?”
“What are you talking about?” said Aberforth.
“Someone sent a doe Patronus to us!”

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