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week 342 ~ if all you need is love

if all you need is love
just reach out and grab it
for when push comes to shove
if all you need is love
to bloom to soar above… 17 more words


Assurance by Jane Blanchard


This too shall pass, this latest rite
of parenthood, a lengthy night
of high-school tributes, just before
commencement. Dinner done, I pore
over the program, but the sight… 96 more words


Rondeau For The Misconnected

Twice removed are we from the world before us
Blink and we missed the way that it was
Blink go the lights that light up the screen… 100 more words




Questions pour from his brain
Into the cup below.
Questions about the coming change.
They pile up and overflow.

Soon the saucer can’t contain; 187 more words


week 340 ~ take me out to the

take me out to the
ballgame take me out
sun shining brightly
take me out to the
springtime finally
a reason to shout
take me out to the
ballgame take me out


R - Rondeau

Rondeau – poem of 15 lines

I found the picture there, in the bottom of the drawer

The sight of the water and the cliffs making my heart soar… 115 more words



What a great day for heading down to Rondeau! Even though it’s still early days for the spring migration there was lots of activity going on as we gazed out over the waters of Lake Erie and walked in the surrounding woods and fields.
223 more words