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The dove

At Whitsuntide we celebrate
The Holy Dove who  will remake
The life within the human soul
With intent to make us whole
For our life is no mistake… 48 more words

Thinkings And Poems

week 497 ~ whose dreams are these

whose dreams are these
stuck in limbo
enlighten please
whose dreams are these
that won’t appease
hopes akimbo
whose dreams are these
stuck in limbo


Two Poems for Throwback Thursday

Today’s Throwback Thursday post consists of two poems I wrote in the winter of 2009. At that time, I wrote in a notebook every day and read three poems before going to bed every night. 269 more words


week 494 ~ we who once made history

we who once made history
bow to the unyielding young
unraveling mystery
we who once made history
relinquish our dreams to be
the roots of their song unsung… 10 more words


Suite des Aigrettes

A suite of tunes written by myself: The Egret’s Suite. Written in what was intended to be a breton-ish style (but drifted). The first tune is definitely one idea of what Breton folks might write as mazurka, if they wrote mazurkas. 61 more words


week 492 ~ snow instead of flowers

snow instead of flowers
though we wish cold away
spring is not yet ours
snow instead of flowers
winter’s waning hours
drag on another day… 9 more words


The Holy Land

The weather of the world is growing wild
Sacred values constantly defiled
Where are we to find a different way?
Who will have the special words to say, 88 more words

Thinkings And Poems