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Rondeau II

In simple times, we play with doubt
to chase our sobbing phantoms out.
With harnessed backs and tied-up knees,
we guard our gardens ‘gainst the bees… 68 more words


What do You Wish?

~~a ringelrime~~

What do you wish to persuade me of
with your shaking fist and your tattered glove?
If, in the choice we all have to be happy or right, 110 more words

Elaine Stirling

All is Quiet and Calm

All is quiet and calm tonight,
Never they see the shroud on sight.
In color of blue the whales would sing,
The night arrives the middle of spring… 86 more words


week 380 ~ there's no hiding

there’s no hiding
it’s time to go
past deciding
there’s no hiding
days are sliding
by embrace snow
there’s no hiding
it’s time to go


Things I'm Loving

In the past few months I’ve made a few purchases I’ve loved a little more than usual that I thought I’d share with you:

1. All-Clad TK Stainless Steel Tall… 543 more words

Ordinary Days I Love

Thursday, January 28 and Friday, January 29

“The truth is the kindest thing we can give folks in the end.” ~Harriet Beecher Stowe

Creative Writing 1 ~ Begin class with a 10-minute free write.   179 more words


A stirring stirs the moment thick,
the tension retching, red as brick.
We host the hopeless in our hands
and stop their throats with bitter sands. 63 more words