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Epitome of the mind: Memory

I was inspired again by a wonderful poem named “Flanders Fields” by John McCrae. The form of the poem is a Rondeau, so here’s my own about memory: 98 more words



“…it’s madness to live without joy.”
—Czeslaw Milosz

It’s madness to live without joy, to will
to wake and look forward to nil,
to drag a dull clod through the day… 84 more words


Most Awaited

Five years ago, I met you
and now, I am about to utter “I do”
Before I walk down the aisle
Let us sit for a while… 54 more words


Ophelie Rondeau - Photographer & Filmmaker

Ophelie Rondeau – Photographer and Film-maker

Website     @ophelieandthegirls Instagram

Ophelie Rondeau a is a French art curator, film photographer and videographer currently based within the creative metropolis of Berlin. 1,761 more words

week 396 ~ if things all went according to plan

if things all went according to plan
would I be happier or just bored
the focus of my attention span
if things all went according to plan… 29 more words


This Play Called Today

~~a ringelreim~~

Long live life, and live it long! Everyone stars
in this play called today. While the bars
I perceive in my role may confine, drop or raise, 122 more words

Elaine Stirling


a man can walk the Bering Sea
with ice stones placed strategic’ly
his breath would bead, then reappear
Kamchatka beaches slick and sheer
each rock-tipped isle an apogee… 64 more words