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Roni Katz

Roni Katz was Born in 1986 in Jerusalem. In 2009 she graduated from Matte Asher school of performance art and in 2011 from Yasmeen Godder’s school. 76 more words


A play by Aristophanes „Dividing body politic“

Concept & Choreography Ellinor Ljungkvist

Dancers Lea Moro and Roni Katz

Photography Damiano Nava

It is a choreographically work based on the play by Aristophanes 447 – 445 B.C. 100 more words


Distantly Enough

Collective Installation and Performance

Seminarraum2 and Yard

With: Diethild Meier / Inna Krasnoper / Jozefien Beckers / Julia Rodriguez & Verena Sepp / Roni Katz… 76 more words