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View from the Crow's Nest - July

Whilst my previous posts have concentrated on Superhero skirmish gaming, I am not just a one-trick pony.

However, as most of you will know, sometimes it’s difficult to find both the time and the motivation to actually sit down and paint some miniatures, so in an effort to increase my productivity in this area, I have decided to start a series of posts, which will be entitled ‘View from the Crow’s Nest’. 837 more words


This Week's Sanity Drawings: RŌNIN

I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of rōnin. Being a “wave man” who serves no one, pays allegiance to no one, answers to no one, takes jobs as they come along, that way of life sounds like a way made especially for me. 144 more words

Random Thoughts

Ronin review: Ninja action with a curious turn-based twist

Score: 6.5/10 
Platform: Windows PC
Developer: Devolver Digital
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Release: June 30, 2015
ESRB: Not rated

I’m a died in the wool strategy game fan, so when I see a game description that includes the descriptor “turn-based” – a phrase typically associated with thoughtful tactical play – my ears automatically perk up. 950 more words

FP Tech Desk

Out Today

30th June 2015

Previously in Steam Early Access, the complete version of Devolver Digital-published turn-based action platformer Ronin is being released today. Ronin is for anyone who played and enjoyed Gunpoint and developer Tomasz Wacławek admits that Gunpoint’s mechanics inspired many elements that would go into making Ronin. 87 more words

Out Today

The World of Shig Sato: Ses Fujimori and the yakuza


In some countries it’s called tong, triad, mafia, la cosa nostra — in Japan it’s yakuza. Organized crime. As an institution, it is a part of the fabric of Japanese life. 442 more words


Rurouni Kenshin (Samuray X)

Herhalde anime denildiğinde benim dönemimin değilde biraz daha öncesinin direk aklına gelebilecek animelerden biri olan Rurouni Kenshin’in live action filmleri 2012,2014,2014 olarak 2 yılda 3 filmi de vizyona girdi. 496 more words