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Week 21: Ronin

Ronin is a strange amalgam of sorts, it has the same aesthetics as Gunpoint but plays extremely differently. It’s a turn base side scrolling action game, where you direct a ninja of sorts to dispatch a number of enemies in a short amount of time. 2,096 more words


Kaze, Novel Samurai dengan Cita Rasa Detektif

Pada postingan saya yang pertama ini, yang bertepatan dengan Hari Buku Nasional, saya ingin mengulas sedikit tentang salah satu novel favorit saya, yaitu novel Kaze karangan Dale Furutani. 374 more words

Dale Furutani

"Three Outlaw Samurai" (1964)

I thought that perhaps “Three Outlaw Samurai” (Sanbiki no samurai, 1964, the movie directorial debut of Gosha Hideo (Sword of the Beast) might be 3/7ths as good as “Seven Samurai.” That hope was about right. 570 more words

Stephen O. Murray

Marvel Dice Masters: Civil War

Whose side are you on? Marvel’s Iron Man and Captain America go head-to-head in the Dice Masters universe with the release of the Marvel Dice Masters: Civil War… 77 more words

Juegos De Mesa


Not so long ago. I lived in abundance. Anything was just there. But it was so hesitate to share. Not because I didn’t want to. But all for the secrecy I was working for. 286 more words

Me Telling Stories

Harrowing critique of samurai ethos: "Harakiri"/Seppuku"

“Seppuku” (“Harakiri,” 1962, directed by Kobayashi Masaki), is a bit too long. It takes a while to get going, but becomes enthralling (if more than a little horrifying), and all too relevant to organizational dissembling in other times and places than Pax Tokugawa Japan ca. 383 more words

Stephen O. Murray

Not-So-Grand Designs

The problem with celebrities is that you think you know them, due to having been exposed to them via television, magazines, etc.

Take Kevin McCloud, for example, the host of… 655 more words