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budget (car) travel with champagne taste II

12/10/14 update:

We can get a canvas clamshell type tent for cheaper and bigger. Both Tepui Tents and Cascadia Tents carry widths as big as 72” and priced between $1,500 and $2,000. 576 more words


Installing a Removable Countertop on your Expo Trailer

With our recent aqcuisition of our CDN M101 trailer the first thing we had to do was get it out for a shake down run to see how our ideas for the future build up would fit in the real world use of the trailer. 175 more words


Big Country/African Outback roof rack add-ons

Ahead of FINALLY installing the lift kit and getting a roof top tent, I decided to perform some changes to the African Outback on the 100. 659 more words

Cairns Foreshore and Water Parks, Queensland

We had a bit of a slow start to the day today.  I had been a little behind in my bank reconciliations and company accounts so I took advantage of the kids playing at nanny’s unit and spent 2 ½ hours catching up on work.  653 more words

Cape York

Several Types Of Tents To Fit Your Needs

A number of us love the great outdoors, so the kind of tent you spend money on can really make a direct impact on whether the experience is a good one or a negative one. 602 more words

Video of the Day- Sirocco Overland Trans-North Asia 2013

Or should I say time lapse of the day?…. a great teaser of whats to come from Sirocco Overland!

A brief look at some of the highlights from our 10 month/42,000km overland trip across north and central Asia in 2013.


More things to think about on buying a RTT (there is a reason tents are on my mind)

We camped out of the truck again on Wednesday night near Mt. Saint Helen. It was hot. Muggy. Sticky. Well, for the PNW anyway. Luckily, I have screens that pop into the rear passenger doors; it allows air to flow through and keep bugs out; but even with those in, the interior of the truck was pretty warm. 309 more words