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Benefits of a Roof Top Tent

So, Overland Outfitters has begun.

What better way to kick-off our blog than to tell you some of the benefits of using a Tepui Roof Top Tent… 588 more words

California Coast-Day2 Somewhere between Hawthorne, NV and Fallon, NV to Crescent City, CA

Day 2 started off a little bit damp, windy, and loud. Turns out parking 200 feet off the side of a highway/interstate is is a little on the noisy side when you have semi trucks going by at 55-65 mph. 558 more words

Have a Better Night's Sleep!

Tent Topped Camping in a roof top style tent unit gives you a very comfortable nights sleep anywhere you camp.

Now we have a way to take that comfort up a notch, with bedding just like at home! 19 more words


California Coast-Day 1 St. George to somewhere between Hawthorne, NV and Fallon, NV

Jeff and I were both SO SO excited to get away for Spring Break! With Jeff taking 19 credits (three science classes each with a lab) and me working full time, things have been hectic to say the least. 163 more words

Breede River Camping Homeschool Curriculum For Life

Breede River (Wide River) is situated about 1.5hrs drive outside George on the gorgeous Garden Route on the Western Cape. This was where we were headed 5 months after returning to Cape Town from our 2 year stay in Johannesburg. 520 more words

Roof Top Tent

Death Valley-Day 2

We woke up bright and early to the sound of cars and trucks speeding down the wash boarded road…I can’t even imagine the beating their shocks/struts took on that road. 846 more words

Equipment Planning

So, with lots of upcoming camping trips this year it is time to start planning on what equipment will be needed.  Keep in mind that I am planning on using equipment for our trailer and our roof top tent, and I will try to use as much for both as I can.  811 more words