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Kenosha Pass

Now that we are the proud parents of a Tepui roof top tent, Ryan and I have increasingly been going car camping instead of backpacking. As we explore the front range for beautiful places to disperse-car camp, we have often found ourselves on National Forest land surrounded by crowds of rude “Denver-ites”… complete with huge RVs running their generators 24/7, obnoxiously loud groups, unsafe shooting practices, etc. 555 more words


So you want a roof top tent?

So, you want a roof top tent? I get asked about mine a lot. I’ll share some things that I have learned over the time that I have owned one and what I would do differently if I had the chance. 1,360 more words


Is a Roof Top Tent For Me (You)?

A popular topic in forums I frequent is RTT vs Ground Tents.  I’ve thrown in my thoughts in many of these very opinionated discussions, and my points have always been no one size fits all. 1,326 more words


20 - A case against Roof Top Tents

Roof Top Tents, or RTT’s, seem to be all the rage lately and have been for a while now. There are a lot of good things about owning an RTT when compared to other options, but is it really worth it? 600 more words


The Traveliving Series: The grey area of sponsorships

Deals, bargains, offers. Travellers are always looking for opportunities to save money, create income on their way or even get sponsorships. The common denominator is to find the perfect source of income that will allow you to travel for as long as possible as well as save your passive income. 718 more words


Above the Fray in a Rooftop Tent

Cool Rig Dude:
You may have seen them on the highway, neatly stowed on the roof of SUVs, or on racks mounted above pickup beds, but didn’t really pay too much attention.  1,702 more words


And we're off!!!!  

It was Friday at 05300 and we were up, loaded, ready, and anxiously awaiting the first leg of the Red Clay Rally! This was gonna take a while…. 629 more words