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Goodnight Cinderella: Roofies in Singapore

What are Roofies?

Rohypnol (more known by its street name “Roofies”) is an incredibly powerful sedative drug that is often used as a date rape drug in current society. 574 more words


What I Remember From The Night I Was Roofied

My freshman year of college was filled with heartbreak and unhealthy coping mechanisms. While I was in an extremely toxic “on again, off again” relationship, I went to a small gathering at an unfamiliar apartment complex in North Syracuse. 456 more words

A Tale of Two Moroccos - or the night I was afraid of getting roofied in the desert

For the last few weeks, as an attempt to distract myself from the impending Sword of Damocles that was the high likelihood of having to go back to Mexico, I’ve been travelling in Morocco. 3,004 more words


Why do they call them "Roofies"?

Hal (55, single, broker) was flattered by the young woman’s attention. They met  at a bar on Union Street.

She had to be twenty years younger. 356 more words

Page Larkin Date Guide

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