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That time I was drugged

It was Friday evening, everyone finishing up with classes. I had been seeing this guy for about a month now, and we had plans to watch a movie at his apartment that evening. 1,860 more words


The Taboo Series: Chapter 3

The first three times father and I had sex, it was quite scary and bloody to say the least. It wasn’t the length of his penis that posed a problem for me. 5,330 more words


The Taboo Series: Chapter 2

Before I tell you about the events that happened after my 15th birthday, I feel like I should bring you up to speed on the numerous things that took place in the span of two years with father, mother, and myself. 5,563 more words


Let's Get Serious

The original purpose of this blog was to entertain my friends with the silly and ridiculous things one has to go through when online dating.  It obviously will continue to have silly and ridiculous blogs.   1,206 more words

Dating Etiquette

There's Jokes and Then There's...

One of the most common desired characteristics in a partner is a sense of humor.  Or according to 90% of profiles on dating websites it is.   556 more words

Dating Etiquette

You Can Test For Roofies Using Nail Polish

I think this is such a great idea. Every woman should have this nail polish!

Details HERE.


Date Rape Detector Nail Polish in the Works!


While Most “Liberal” Date Rape Prevention (and even Crime Prevention) methods could be termed “Impractical” and “Would not work in a Million Years”, every once in a while you hear about a “non-firearm solution” or “detection” anti-rape product that is simply genius, especially when you consider the company merged… 60 more words

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