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I was thinking today about how men and women experience the bar differently. (Stay with me here, this takes a little bit of a journey on the thought train.) I don’t think anyone would disagree that women and men experience the bar differently. 1,381 more words

Bar Stories

Nothing Says Christmas Like a Roofie

About this time last year I called out The Christmas Date Rape Song aka Baby It’s Cold Outside.

Yesterday my daughter was in a huff because a Detroit radio station is promo-ing husband/wife duo Johnnyswim’s upcoming Christmas concert with that song. 81 more words


Cafeteria Menu: Macabre Macaroni

This one was partially inspired by news this summer about the plight of women in science related fields. It wasn’t the entire inspiration. Enjoy.

Film at Eleven… 695 more words

Micro Fiction

Dating Safely

It’s October, and some scary things have happened in dating land over the last couple of weeks. While I don’t want to over share, it’s become alarmingly apparent that people my age have forgotten, never learned, or simply disregard the basics. 1,633 more words


Consent Sells

This short sketch mentions rape and uses the F-word frequently, so do not read ahead if you anticipate either of those things bothering you. 1,103 more words


Act III : Landmine Gets Roofied

A friend of mine had a birthday, and a couple of my coworkers called to get me to go out for it.

I had just finished my finals, I got a C in my Spanish class (which at this point was a relief. 609 more words

The Fires Of BDSM (NSFW)

Viral Video Warns How Easily Predators Can Drop Date Rape Drugs

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A new video issues a scary warning for women going out to bars, showing just how easily men can put a date rape drug in their drinks – no matter what precautions they take. 424 more words