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The Old Church Building

The old church building has stood here for almost a hundred years.
It’s days of glory are over now no one comes near.

The old roof leaks the windows boarded the door hangs… 218 more words


Exploring The World Of Green Roofs And Underground Homes

The strategies architects use to make buildings better interact with its natural surroundings, especially in remote locations surrounded by nature, are diverse and complex. There are two common approaches we can’t get enough of. 61 more words

Roof Styles

There are many different roof styles, each with their own unique style.

Gabled roof designs are one of the more simple styles, however are not ideal for areas with high wind because they easily can catch the wind much like a sail would. 162 more words


Through the Lens: Top 10 Ceilings/Roofs

I seem to spend a lot of my time looking up when I have my camera with me. The architectural and artistic details that can be seen in buildings/shelter’s ceilings are often overlooked by what is underneath them within the room. 53 more words

Rain on me

Detecting a theme? We can’t often have love raining down, but we certainly don’t want rain coming down inside our homes.

That was the motivation for this landlord to nail this piece of roof on top of the roof. 51 more words