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The start of terrace gardening.

I’ve come a long way seeing the larger fields to the smallest square feet gardens in India. many of them will dream to have a small garden in their beautiful home or flats. 801 more words

Schaduf - Roof Top Gardening In Egypt

I’ve spoken previously about my dream of having my own homestead, one that inspires and gives back to the community and I am hoping to undertake this adventure in Egypt. 589 more words

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Let's try this again rooftop garden

At the beginning of spring I was so inspired by all things green and blooming. I convinced my husband to let me splurge at the local garden store and buy “all the things we’ll need for produce this summer…it’ll save us on the grocery bill!” Being an awesome guy and knowing I have this endless optimism that all things will work exactly as planned, he agreed and I went nuts. 284 more words

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Sustainable Design: measure twice cut once

A key component of sustainable design is adaptability. Good design allows for the replacement, or reworking, of components to preserve the value and materials of an earlier design when a situation requires it.  183 more words

Sustainable Design

Rooftop Gardening at the Local Corner Market

The Corner Market on Lower Greenville is a coffee shop, bakery, and florist for the M Street neighborhood. This is not just your regular market though; it is a community of friends, neighbors, and familiar faces. 335 more words

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Organic Aeroponic nutrient

I have avoided using any non-organic fertilizer and pesticides bought from shop for rooftop gardening. I have been using organics like kitchen compost, vermicompost, coffee grounds and tea extracts as fertilizers and ginger/chili/garlic/turmeric concoctions as pesticides. 277 more words