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...[L]et yourself be.

For the Arthur Miller Freedom to Write Lecture at the PEN festival, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie spoke about censorships: colonial, societal, self… A nuanced firebrand, she made one think; her definition of self-censorship included not just the holding back of speech based on audience, but also the disallowing of oneself to do something based on a pre-set plan. 67 more words

Ennui and the bee

In the 3 weeks since I posted “An invincible summer“, a miraculous revolution has taken place.




Despite this, I find I have precious little to say these days. 131 more words

An invincible summer

It’s been a long snowy winter in the northeast. Even today, March 30th, I awoke to a forecast of “currently snowing”, so I thought this quote from Albert Camus apt: 77 more words

Hi-rise help for bees

Even if you live in a skyscraper, if you’ve got a balcony (or a flat roof), you can help save bees and other pollinators. The Home Garden Seed Association recently reported that flowers don’t have to be growing in ground-level beds to attract bees and butterflies. 118 more words

Thinking Green

Boxty House Project - Urban Farm Project: Rooftop Gardening


” Urban farm’s collection of 160 different heritage potato varieties, dating from 1768 right up to 2004.

We have grown these potatoes on the roof for  59 more words


The future of rooftop gardens

Photo credit: Pictures.Dot.News

New York’s Riverpark Farm

Citizens Take Back Power in the Food System


In their article entitled Deepening Food Democracy, Jill Carlson and M. 295 more words

Food / Food Security

Foodie books - entertaining informing and reaffirming importance of food and agriculture

Brace yourselves, its a long one

Food Tank has selected 20 books that entertain, inform, and reaffirm the importance of food and agriculture. From sustainable seafood to ethical eating to field guides for food activists, these books highlight innovative and creative methods that are creating a better, more sustainable food system while educating and informing eaters and consumers. 2,950 more words