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Spring snow

Happy World Poetry Day.

I can see the top of April’s head
through all of the snow in the flower bed
she’s not going to like this one bit… 200 more words

Rook by Sharon Cameron

Rook by Sharon Cameron is a dystopian novel intermixed with romance, adventure, and suspense. Set eight-hundred years in the future, the Sunken City (formerly known as Paris) is in the middle of a revolution. 425 more words

Book Review

Maple and Rook

The woman’s face is white, white and silent. ¬†Lips, shuttered eyes, and brows – three delicate, rising and falling lines, frozen in an attitude of petulance. 1,491 more words

Rook wars: A new hope

Hey there kids,

Have your parents taught you to play Rook yet? They really should. For a couple of reasons. The most important reason is that we really need the younger generation to get up to speed so someone can take on Grandpa. 523 more words


Starbucks or Rook?

Anyone who has taken a walk down White Street in Red Bank to get their coffee fix has often faced a similar dilemma: Rook or Starbucks? 277 more words


A Noob's Guide to Rainbow Six Operators

So you’ve just picked up Rainbow Six: Siege? That’s unfortunate. Here’s a few operators who can make your life easier: 426 more words


For When You Need a Pick Me Up  

My first blog post is dedicated to the one thing I cannot live without. Coffee. If you are like me then you 1) have an addiction and 2) you need at least one cup of coffee a day. 364 more words