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Conch Piercing

For a while I have admired the conch piercing especially those with a ring, so after trying to decide if I wanted to get my tragus or conch pierced, I settled for my conch knowing I was going to do it at some point any way. 433 more words

Wishlist Wednesday [#39]

Welcome back to Wednesday fellow bookaholics, I hope I find you well and you haven’t been eaten by a dragon or anything in the few hours since we last talked. 495 more words



Leaves lie dying in the gutter

Colours fading, washed away

Floating as the rainwater splutters

To the sea, on its devious way

Naked trees stand stark and wet… 81 more words


What killed Sharon the rook?

Sharon was a young wild rook who was brought in after being found very weak and lethargic. Sadly she died within a couple of hours. A look at a sample of faeces under the microscope revealed a lot of capillaria worm eggs, and another type of egg that I had never come across before. 162 more words

Illness And Parasites


Rook; Truro city centre, Cornwall; 12 Apr 2016.

Well, another (slightly glossy) black crow, but that thin and pointed, rather dagger-like bill and the bare grey skin on the face immediately identify this as a Rook.  186 more words


Like a Black Crow Flying

The Wild Heart #2 The Corvids

Corvid is the ornithological name for Crow. The family consists of, in descending order of size, raven, chough, crow, rook, magpie and jackdaw. 519 more words