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   Chess is a game of strategy. It is played on a 8 by 8 square board. This game consists of a pawn, rook, knight, bishop, queen and king. 307 more words

Snow Days

We had a snow day here in New York on Thursday.  The city that never sleeps rarely shuts down, but the kids did get a day off from school.   506 more words

Early Stories

Corvid of the month: Rooks

In honor of last week’s #CrowOrNo photo, I wanted to spend some more time spotlighting a corvid perhaps less well known to my fellow North Americans, the rook ( 825 more words

Coffee Talk: Rook

If you ever found yourself driving through the Jersey Shore staring at this little black bird plastered to every stop sign, car bumper, pole, and laptop – then you’ve discovered… 160 more words

Coffe Talk

Monday Bird of the Week No.27 – Rook

We have been dealing with the much maligned corvids recently, and today we look at what may be the most unfairly castigated of all. The Rook. 286 more words


Catching The Moon

The crow black
Dropped his sack
At my dusty feet

As the sun beat down
On the dying ground
Even the desert had to shy away… 39 more words


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Despite the late hour, Darling was alert and energetic even without the aid of strong tea, much less coffee. The sense of a new and interesting game suddenly afoot did wonders for his personal motivation. 4,325 more words