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Grandma's Chess Game

It is late in the afternoon. The curtains are billowing in the breeze. My mom winds up her chores and settles down on the couch with her afternoon mug of coffee. 394 more words

Everyday Moments

My Rook Piercing Experience


So a couple of weeks ago I got my rook pierced and I thought I would write a post about the experience and the pain. 489 more words


{Poem} Check Mate

Two leaders stand

In the middle of the field

A battle of intelligence and race

One will survive,

Execution other will face

Sixteen soldiers stand… 60 more words



i, the banished, outcast rook
in a crooked, twisted tree
from far away i see you there
you don’t look and don’t see me

i see your faces as you pass… 73 more words


FOR THE BIRDS~From First to Last

I could keep going. I was going to do a post on all the chicks, on the birds I have come across since I have started writing this series of posts, but I realised I might never stop. 418 more words


12 - 58

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“I need someone to say how quiet it is,” the Jackal murmured, easing back into the alley from having peeked around the corner. 4,123 more words