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The Fields in April

Rebecca Welshman

The last few days here in Cumbria have seen the return of the swallows to the barns adjacent to the house. On the evening of 24th April, after a few days of warm sunshine, there was a heavy snowfall, and it felt like winter once more. 1,880 more words


A game of love: The Rook

A hole-in-the-wall treasure situates itself between two colorful buildings on Vine Street. Walking into the bar, we find walls lined with hundreds of board games, and board game-inspired artwork paints the opposite walls. 429 more words


Where are the crows?

I have been learning a lot about corvids recently, you know, crows, ravens, jackdaws and the like and they seem to have a bad press. I would like to challenge their reputation by making friends with them. 248 more words

12 - 42

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She bolted left. It was no dilemma, really; soldiers she could deal with, at need, but not a dragon. Milanda was far from sanguine about the way the dryads’ “gift” completely took control from her, but whatever intelligence governed the change clearly believed she was not prepared to take on a dragon, and she was inclined to agree. 4,478 more words

So you want to get a piercing...

Hey everyone,

We both have a lot of piercings and thought you all might be interested in hearing our experiences with them! In case you are considering getting any of these, we wanted to share a little bit about the piercing/healing processes we went through. 1,233 more words


Chess piece like a castle tower. Old French “rok” < Arabic “rukk” < Persian “ruc” < ?Sanskrit “ratha”=chariot (original piece).