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Adventure: Part XIV

Adventure of a Lifetime

Part XIV: Apologies

As soon as I got home, I started some food prep. Nothing complicated; just a simple marinara sauce that I put in the provided slow cooker so it’d cook all day long and be ready for dinner time which we could use a hundred ways. 1,561 more words

Year One

Magpie's First Flight: Part III

Ian Coleman
Nineteen Years Ago

It was a short fly to Priest island on the Raven’s private jet. We landed on a small uncontrolled airport and a car was waiting for us. 2,294 more words


The crows dance too.

I miss the sound the crows make
the way they gather in the sky 140 more words

Prose & Poetry

Sanguine: Part II


Part II: My Purpose

We both held back on what we’d went through. It was understandable seeing as we’d only just met a short while ago. 1,977 more words

Year One

Magpie's First Flight: Part II

Ian Coleman
Nineteen Years Ago

Half a day later, I sat on the world’s most massive fluffiest bed, watching TV and eating the juiciest burger in the world along with Grump who was cuddled up with me. 1,454 more words


Bookish Wednesday: A Warrior's Path by Davis Ashura

This week for Bookish Wednesday I’m covering the first in a series I was introduced to by a friend. It’s A Warrior’s Path by Davis Ashura! 298 more words


Rook Teal'c

The encounter I am writing about repeats itself often, but every time it is a completely new and unique event. We are getting a new bird patient in and are treating the animal until he or she is ready for release back into the wild. 591 more words

Wildlife Rescue