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Catching The Moon

The crow black
Dropped his sack
At my dusty feet

As the sun beat down
On the dying ground
Even the desert had to shy away… 39 more words


12 - 14

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Despite the late hour, Darling was alert and energetic even without the aid of strong tea, much less coffee. The sense of a new and interesting game suddenly afoot did wonders for his personal motivation. 4,325 more words

12 - 12

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“Ladies,” Gabriel said in greeting as the two groups met at the stairs to Helion Hall’s second floor. “Wow, this makes everybody. 4,126 more words

12 - 11

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It had already been a long day, and the afternoon had barely begun. Eleanora had managed to arrange a short break for herself, Sharidan being trapped in a working lunch with ambassadors from the Five Kingdoms pursuant to the ongoing negotiations; she was very much looking forward to a light meal of fruit in the privacy of her room. 4,126 more words

Totally Should Have Book Tag

Greetings Readers:

Thank you to Book Princess Reviews who tagged me you can check out her version of this tag on her blog! It’s my first book tag and its a tough one..but I can do it! 684 more words


Conch Piercing

For a while I have admired the conch piercing especially those with a ring, so after trying to decide if I wanted to get my tragus or conch pierced, I settled for my conch knowing I was going to do it at some point any way. 433 more words

Wishlist Wednesday [#39]

Welcome back to Wednesday fellow bookaholics, I hope I find you well and you haven’t been eaten by a dragon or anything in the few hours since we last talked. 495 more words