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Escape Room Kink: Q&A On Physical Restraints

It’s reader question day… This is a long one, but it’s fun.

Hey, can I ask you a question on something that is near and dear to my heart?

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Rad Kwikset Key Blanks

An interesting key can make opening a mundane lock into something special. These three keys made by jeweler Erica Weiner are pretty damn nifty.

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Thoughts on Destructible Props in Escape Rooms

It’s rare, but it’s fun when a game includes a destructible prop. When I say destructible, I mean something that the team is required to break into order advance the game… not a breakable item. 274 more words

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Basketball is Life

When it comes to boys, sports go hand in hand.  My boys love sports, basketball and football to be specific.  Bryce, however, seems to lean more toward basketball and I have to say, he is quite great at it. 586 more words


Should you Crowdfund an Escape Room? A Data-Driven Look

Most crowdfunded escape rooms fail… but does the data reveal ways to improve the odds?


  • Most crowdfunded escape rooms fail.
  • Crowdfunding escape rooms has had diminishing returns over time.
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DIY no-sew blanket! 

If you have ever tried to find a cute blanket for your little that matches the “theme” you’ve deluded yourself into thinking your son or daughter needs you have most likely come to the realization that either A. 507 more words

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Why Trick Locks Are Awesome & Don't Belong In Escape Rooms [Design Tips]

Those who have been reading for a while know that I am not one of those escape room players who gets pretentious about the use of locks in escape games. 688 more words

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