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Better Ways to Handle Letter Codes in Escape Rooms [Design Tips]

Morse Code, binary, Braille, and pigpen:

Letter encoding and decoding is a common thing in room escapes and puzzle hunts.

  • Set a radio to a specific channel and you’ll find a looping pattern of Morse Code dots and dashes.
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Week 13: Tile, Cabinetry, Molding, Room Design, Photos

Today was like Christmas Eve! It was a day filled with anticipation for the “big day”. We walked through our home with all the walls up and cabinetry in and it was such a reality check! 254 more words

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Remodelling Your Interior Décor? Here Are Some Useful Tips.

Living room wall paper

טפט לסלון

Though some may feel that wallpaper trend is slowly dying out, there are still many who feel that wall paper adds more spice to the walls even today. 422 more words

Living Room Wallpaper

The Pre-Game Player Experience [Design Tips]

Every room escape company knows that great products equal great games. They design, build, test, iterate, and maintain their rooms, because that’s where the money comes from. 157 more words

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Refunding Tickets in Escape Rooms

Refunds, oh dreaded refunds. They’re so universally loathed that it’s impossible to imagine them being helpful. But as painful as it can be to let customers keep their money after they experience your escape room, giving the occasional refund can actually help grow your business. 9 more words

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Ajnara Panorama: The Calm Apartments

It is indeed an enriching experience to join one for the ESL-schools info languages like French, English, Italian or German. ESL stands for Ecole Suisse de Langues. 582 more words

Hints and Hinting Systems [Room Design]

We received a question about hint delivery from Matthew Steinman of Missing Pieces Escape Games in Minneapolis, MN, as he considered multiple different hint delivery methods for a game set in a space that wouldn’t naturally have a TV monitor. 816 more words

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