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MOVING - yay or nay?

As most of you know I live in the dormitory here in Hungary in this little city called Eger. The dorm is great. It actually is very well equiped and has all the things that a young person could ever need so I am satisfied. 728 more words



Throughout our lives we have the opportunity to have roommates. Sometimes they turn out to be stories you never want to think about again and sometimes they turn out to be true friendships that last you a lifetime. 835 more words


Testosterone Part 2

So I left my story off where Boxer’s part momentarily stops and in comes Tinder and a new man going by the code name Yosemite. So I’m just going to assume that not all of you know what Tinder is, basically its a dating app where a picture of a person will pop up on your screen and you decide whether you “Like” them or “Dislike” or in even simpler terms “Hot” and “Ugly” (just keeping it real people). 646 more words


First Year of college part 1

So I guess I’ll start from the beginning. first off you know when you’re applying to live at the dorms and they give you a questionnaire to fill out so that they can match your personalities to that of someone else? 328 more words


Should You Confront Them? Or Leave It?

I do not do well with confrontation. In fact, I avoid it like the plague.

Throughout the years, I’ve learned that this is really quite¬†childish and detrimental to my relationships. 672 more words



As a freshman living on campus, this may be the first time living with another person. This can be both scary and exciting at the same time. 200 more words