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The disciplinarian sister. 

Amy and annie could not be any more different. Amy was stoic,serious and very logical. She was soft spoken but when she did speak her points always were clearly understood. 1,113 more words

Adult Only

The Importance of Having a Budget

Hey fellow millennials! Even though we are the most creative and innovative generation of this era, we’re also broke and not always the best at making educated financial decisions! 1,082 more words

Random Thoughts

Humorous Slander Sundays(420 edition)

at victim: You need to go back to kindergarten, mofo!

victim: Why?

at Victim: Because you need to learn to share cracker ass mother fuckers! 170 more words

College Confidential - Roommates

Helloooo! Here is yet another installment of my College Confidential Series. I hope you enjoy it!


Ok. So you know they tell you not to room with your best friend, and you dismiss them because there is no way that rooming with your BFF would go wrong? 724 more words


Party Time

Carl and Macy were planning to move in with me. It was a week before moving day and Macy came over and said “I mean, we aren’t formally committed right? 275 more words


Dear God,

I want to go home.  Just like the old days, no friends, no outside life.  It does not matter if I sit in my room until forever, it is better than what I live with now!   258 more words