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A College Student Wonders Why His Suite-Mate Is Such a Jerk

A student came into my office to talk about life with a particular suite-mate in his dorm, someone he was not getting along with at all.  712 more words


Bars of soap and a quick getaway


In the inaugural episode, we discuss the limits of personal property in a house of 6. If the limits aren’t enough, we can get you out of dodge for a low monthly fee.


Merry Monday!

Hey. Im exceptionally happy today. Its 5:30am and I havent offically went to sleep. I’ve had a small probably 3 hour nap. I fell asleep watching a movie with my roomate Autty and I woke up to her ring tone. 380 more words


Would you Rather?

Would you rather have the perfect location or the updated kitchen? The newly remodeled floors or the bigger room sizes? The fenced-in backyard or the multi-car driveway? 804 more words

Weird vibes and all 

I felt like blogging and talking about how energy effects/affects me in various ways and how people really weird me out with some of the things that they do once they find out I’m super down to earth…. 73 more words


linh tinh

Trên đời này mình ghét, cực ghét các thể loại bất công, chơi xấu, lén lút,…Nên chứng kiến cảnh người hiền lành khi biết mình bị hại liền trở nên tỉnh táo, khôn ngoan, cá tính và dứt khoát hơn bao giờ hết mà tạt lại cho kẻ xấu một bài học xứng đáng thay vì cam chịu, nhịn nhường, mình cảm thấy sung sướng và hả dạ gì đâu hê hê 1,751 more words

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