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Medicine Can't Cure Me, Coping (and Debbie is a B*tch)

I think the hardest thing with my internal battle is realizing that medicine, the one that has been keeping me somewhat functional, won’t be able to cure me. 519 more words

Everyday Life

Flatmates are for life not just for freshers..... How to avoid fights

If I’m completely honest every single tip on this list I’ll be giving you, I’ve probably forgotten to do myself at some time or another. But hey do as I say not as I do …. 261 more words


Hi welcome to my blog,

I’m just finishing my first year of uni so wanted to give advice to anyone who is a little nervous of starting themselves.

I’m open to any constructive feedback, or any suggestions on a topic you want me to cover.

Thanks xxx


Knorrestrasse Chronicles #3

For a brief moment of time, my friends and I assumed my roommate, Robert, was interested in men. He just seemed rather interested in the same sex and there was word in the building community that he preferred male company. 508 more words


One Secret for Instantly Better Relationships

Hate is a big problem. From wars to hate-crimes to bullying to self-loathing, it’s everywhere. And the biggest problem is that people seem to hate for absolutely no good reason. 611 more words

My Life

Living with people! Argh!

Lol! You know you have your pet peeves too. Life update: Right now I’m waiting at the airport cause I had to travel to renew a passport (another argh!). 1,312 more words

My Roommate Isn't a Nazi...

I know from my last post it may seem as if my roommate is a bit of a Nazi. What with her dictating my Coke consumption and all. 583 more words