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Gideon tries to evict filthy cellmate

When you live in a cramped, cinder-block box, small changes in living arrangements have a big impact. So when Gideon realized his new cellmate (we’ll call him Max) hadn’t showered in three days, he knew the new guy would be a problem.  477 more words



So I didn’t do anything glamorous or Instagram-worthy tonight for New Year’s. I didn’t dress up or have someone to kiss at midnight. Instead, I played cards with my housemates for about four hours. 139 more words


First Semester In A Nutshell...

If I could describe my first semester in college in one word it would be… Interesting….

There have been many things that have happened within the course of just a few months. 246 more words

Reconnecting with my Roomie in Salt Lake

This summer we managed to make two stop overs in Salt Lake City to see my college roommate and her family. I met this woman as a scared 18-year-old college student, and we managed to stick it out together for four years. 232 more words


New Roommates, More Makeup

Ok, so where do I even begin?

I”m almost done with my first semester of my sophomore year of college and yes, the title reads right. 93 more words

We out here

Papaiasi? What is that? And what am I doing on this blog? Well, it’s really simple. We combined our favorite Romanian desert – papanasi (pronounced as: papanash) – with the place we live in at the moment – Iasi (pronounced as Iash). 135 more words


I Knew There Was Something Off About My College Roommate, But I Never Would Have Guessed The Horrifying Truth

I want to start off by saying that I’m not one to be paranoid. Really, I’m not.

But I knew Rachel was destined to kill people. 1,605 more words