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Party Time

Carl and Macy were planning to move in with me. It was a week before moving day and Macy came over and said “I mean, we aren’t formally committed right? 275 more words


Dear God,

I want to go home.  Just like the old days, no friends, no outside life.  It does not matter if I sit in my room until forever, it is better than what I live with now!   258 more words


October 26, 1989

My Dear,

I need to wake up in a bad way so I will tell you what bothers me about C.  She is as moody as hell! 274 more words


Moving Forward

Deciding to take the semester off was one of the hardest choices I have ever made, only because I was listening to my head and not my heart… 360 more words

October 24, 1989

My Dear,

Okay, he accepted it.  But now I think I forgot to do an anthropology forum.  What is my problem this semester?  I am really a scatter brain.   136 more words


Can An Introvert Safely Share A Room ? Part 1

People are hard to deal with. That’s a fact that everyone realizes at some point in their lives. Although we’re similar in many fundamental ways, our humanity generates an infinite number of manners in which we differentiate ourselves from the person next to us. 267 more words