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Thank you for one amazing semester Ate Pau, Ate Sept, Eden and Dale.💕


Why you should love the roommates you hate...

After many nights in the library, many phone calls with mom, and many unforgettable moments… I have finally completed my first year of college. Mostly, I want to dedicate this post to anyone who may be finding themselves spending the rest of the summer biting their nails thinking of their freshman year at college and the amazing journey that they are about to embark… 1,179 more words

Tonight, We Dine On Deer..

A few days ago my roomates father gave him two pounds of Deer Meat. It’s been a while since all of us (my roomate, his kids, my other roomate and myself) have sat down and had a meal together. 93 more words

Temple Ozai

Salmon Burgers

Continuing to share the frugal meals I’ve been eating: I used two cans of Salmon from my pantry and made 8 salmon patties (most of them were frozen) 82 more words


The Dilemma of Loneliness

Under completely different circumstances, I could find my roommate’s girlfriend delightful.

Those circumstances would include her not talking to me and her boyfriend not living with me, and until both of those things become realities, I have… 1,219 more words

The Roommate Blues

Jordan Washington–

The end of the semester is rapidly approaching and yet, I have heard a lot of people complain about their current ‘roomies’. It’s so easy to reply with, “You have one more month with this person,” yet, if you live with someone who gets on your every nerve, a month seems like your personal hell. 607 more words

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I heard a bang from the door. Startled, I paused the video I was watching and paid attention to listen closely. I wasn’t scared. I knew it would be my flatmate who occasionally storms suddenly like an unexpected thunder. 441 more words