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weird weird weird

So It is weird

It is wrong.

My roommate should not hold my little sister like that!

why did I set them up again?

Oh because I care about them both and they “just fit”. 8 more words


Living with people! Argh!

Lol! You know you have your pet peeves too. Life update: Right now I’m waiting at the airport cause I had to travel to renew a passport (another argh!). 1,312 more words

My Roommate Isn't a Nazi...

I know from my last post it may seem as if my roommate is a bit of a Nazi. What with her dictating my Coke consumption and all. 583 more words


While I'm Away 

While I’m away…

Of course I’m already working on that whole self-reflection thing(especially while I avoided meeting my roomate/figuring out the shower).

Yes, the thought of what the hell am I doing has crossed my mind about three times; when I boarded my final flight to Beijing, when the airport information people had to help me fill out my arrival card, and when I woke up the first morning in my apartment and the reality set in. 58 more words

RadPad, an app we told you about back in November when it launched as one the first to let you pay rent using Apple Pay, now lets you easily split rent with roommates. 167 more words



When I was in college, I had to live in a pity apartment¬†to be closer to my school. During those years, I had the chance (not) to live with some others people that I didn’t really know and that I honestly didn’t want to know. 253 more words