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July 15, 2018

Derek and I woke up today nice and early (10:30am haha) to get ready for my family’s reunion gathering! It was not easy getting up that early for either of us…We were both ready for a nap the second that alarm went off. 516 more words

Compromise Is a Two-Way Street

A lot of people seem to think “compromise” means: getting everything they want. They are wrong. More often than not, compromise means no one gets exactly what they want, but everyone gets the least they can settle for. 256 more words

Being a "Good Roommate" Does NOT Mean Sharing Your PERSONAL Products

So I just finished reading this stupid quote from a blog on Zumper:

“A good roommate will be kind and generous. They won’t mind if you use their shampoo because you forgot to pick some up at the store and they’ll let you borrow some of their Sriracha when yours runs out.”

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Tonight the Roommate Unit and I had some fun. I rewatched a movie while she got to see it for the first time. We did this in preparation for another movie that is currently in theaters and has gotten good reviews. 114 more words

July 10, 2018

Today, I was a bum. I woke up at like 5:30pm and just bummed around on the couch. I got a text from one of my neighbors that lives in the apartment below me…Last night all four dudes were just hanging out in the courtyard, so I finally officially met them (and I’ve been living here for…what, 9 months?? 506 more words


Dear Reece,

I need some advice. I have a roommate right now to save some money but she is driving me crazy. She is messy and stays up late blaring the tv and always has company over and I can’t take it anymore!! 655 more words


Credit Karma Will Save You From Bad Roommates And Wind Chime-Obsessed Neighbors

This is a very fun campaign from Credit Karma. The premise of these spots is the Credit Karma can help you build your credit, which in turn can help you move away from undesirable situations. 122 more words