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Finn - Freedom is expensive

Chapter I:

Alone. I’m finally alone. Breathing a sigh of relief, I collapse onto the sofa and let out a meek cry of victory. His bedroom, for the first time in a year, does not have the heavy scent of smoke and sweat. 1,517 more words

New Roommate, Chapter 2

New Roommate, Chapter 2

I have the need to be alone, to hide away, sequester,
but my roommate never leaves the room! She’s somewhat of a nester. 99 more words


New Roommate, Chapter 1

New Roommate, Chapter 1

I hope I’ll be forgiven if I’m driven to impose
and point out that the place that you have chosen for repose… 85 more words


Horror Stories of My Freshman Year Bathmates

First of all, they never replenished the toilet paper.

It was always Hailey or me that would faithfully go to the desk and ask for our standard 2 rolls. 1,082 more words



Tenancy                                           November 2018

This article will be a little bit different, but I have experienced things that I need to offer you to remember and to share with your children and grandchildren. 541 more words

When No One Takes You Seriously

Sometimes I hate being 17. Correction: most of the time I hate being 17. The only time I ever confidently claim my age is when I’m sucking up to old people who are absolutely impressed by how a 17-year-old youngin’ got her way into college a year before her peers. 676 more words


but... i like to sleep naked! (column #1)

“Dear Sydney, 

My roommate has been dating this guy on and off for over a year. For the first 6 months her and I lived together, I barely saw her at all. 755 more words