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How to Succeed with Unruly Roommates:

When roommates clash, a bombogenesis threatens the balance between friend and parent that governs this delicate relationship. Frustration brews when you have to remind your roomie that dirty dishes should not remain in the sink for weeks. 1,064 more words


On Changes, and Embracing Uncertainty.

Tonight, my roommate K, who is in the midst of lots of different life upheavals, decided to do something totally wild. For the first time ever, she’s dyeing her hair. 69 more words

Again, I am at work. I sit here writing when I should be working. I am just trying to mentally prepare myself for the weekend. I will get $1200 from my checking account and give it to some lady in exchange for an apartment. 319 more words

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How To Adjust Living With Your Significant Other

Dear Megan,

My boyfriend and I moved in together recently. About 4 months ago.  We have been dating for almost 3 years now and thought we should take the next stop in moving in together.

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Beware of the Signs.

As a single woman living in New York City, trying not to spend every penny in housing, you will sometimes have to have a roommate. Create rules, map out who will do what, who will buy what, create an open discussion so that there aren’t any issues later on. 176 more words

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Great Minds Think Alike by Janice Doe

The benefits of Atlas’ death were numerous; the only problem was that Atlas wasn’t dead.

Cilia had met Atlas in first-year Bio, and the two of them had bonded over their nerd-dom and the class’s collective dislike of the professor. 926 more words