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Hitting the hump

This week is blah. The rain won’t stop. Cornhole was cancelled Monday night. Rain and general blahness continuing today and tomorrow. The only good part is hopefully once it hits land north of us the weekend will be better. 377 more words

It's Kind of Fun to Do the Impossible...

Yet again, it seems like it has been a while since I last posted. Of course, time is functioning very different for me here. Like today was Monday, but I kept thinking it was Sunday since I had yesterday and today off. 536 more words


Having a Rough Day

I still can’t log into Facebook from my laptop. The problem is probably with my antivirus program & easy to fix if I can find the right setting. 291 more words


Straight Outta Meal Ideas

Classes started today! Now that I am in my third year of college, I am beginning to love the first day of classes. One, because all the professors go over the syllabus and then let us out early, and two, I get to go back to learning the topics that actually interest me. 505 more words


Six Scientists Emerge from a Yearlong Mars Simulation | ESIST

Six scientists emerged from a dome on a Mauna Loa mountain without wearing their spacesuits yesterday, ending the longest-ever NASA-sponsored isolation experiment.The yearlong mission was meant to simulate life on Mars for the Red Planet’s first colonists — as such, the international team lived in close proximity and near isolation in a 13,570-cubic-foot dome without fresh air or fresh food. 111 more words


Countdown Round 3

“First, think. Second, believe. Third, dream. And finally, dare.” -Walt Disney

Well it would be fitting to receive my Amtrak reminder email and my housing itinerary on the same day, both reminding me that I leave just five days from now! 95 more words

The Start Of It All

The One Day Roommate

I said I would give you a story about my roommate situation in my next blog. I couldn’t help but write about something else first. See  1,222 more words