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How Do You Let Go?

When I neared the end of high school, I told myself this was a new beginning. I told myself that things would be different this time around. 917 more words

On the joys of having roommates

Normally I love my roommate(s), I feel after having heard tons of horror stories that I really hit the jackpot. They keep their space and they don’t mind that my cat inhabits their room whenever it’s empty. 369 more words

Not Even My Professor

So, one of the roommates has a truly, absolutely, undeniably awful professor.  I should just back away.  I should breathe deeply and let it go.  I’ve never met this woman in my life, but  I just. 1,049 more words

My Roommate - 3 Years of Growth

I met my roommate the July before the fall semester started my freshmen year. We had gotten the letters that told us our new roommates name and email address, so we had emailed a few times and asked questions to get to know each other. 224 more words

New York City

Lean on Me: 10 Discussions to have before moving in with anyone

As home prices skyrocket in Canada, particularly in Toronto and other high demand locations, an undersupply of readily available homes hitting the market is driving prices up even more.  478 more words

Home Buying

Nostalgia Critic Christmas Special

Both my roommates decided that they don’t want to renew our lease this year.  They also decided to wait until the lease is completely up (and the rent goes up) to leave.   423 more words



are the people you cry with infinitely. are the people you laugh with infinitely. are the people you eat with infinitely. are the people you fight for infinitely. 57 more words