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You can’t tell me there’s not an awesome dance club hidden away somewhere in the depths of the Vatican. I know too many Jesuits.

Game Review: Roommates

Roommates is a Ren’Py based visual novel and dating/romance game from Winter Wolves, a game developer, I was lucky enough in fact to get an interview with Celso Riva the person behind Winter Wolves and Roommates which you can check out… 608 more words

Off The Record

Interview with Celso Riva (Winter Wolves/Roommates)

First off, tell me about yourself? And how you got into game designing?
My name is Celso Riva and I’m 45 years old indie developer from Italy. 753 more words

Off The Record

Leaving Home

I left home for the first time at 18, just a few months after my birthday. I left for school in Idaho and I lived in Idaho for about seven months and then went home for the summer. 417 more words

Personal History

The Interminglings of Lesbians

This is a short story that concerns something that happened yesterday between me and my roommate. I think it’s actually quite funny, but I don’t think my roommate was as amused as I was. 343 more words

Trust No Man. Fear No Bitch.

Happy Monday to everyone! The last story I shared with you, probably has some of you questioning who it was about, some of you may be right, but like I said it will never be told! 912 more words

NoHo HoCo

Living Room 1, NoHo HoCo 2019

Today I am feeling very grateful. Recently, my life has changed, a lot! And a significant amount of that change could be seen as negative. 758 more words