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Hunting for your first apartment

Finding your first apartment is very exciting, but also extremely stressful. Moving house is listed as one of the top three most stressful life events and when budgets are tight, it can be harder to get what you want or even know where to begin. 1,148 more words

Moral dilemma 5

It happened at a college party the weekend before finals. She thought he was a friend when he invited her in his room to tell her something he didn’t want anyone to overhear. 290 more words


Why I’ll Never Live with Another Guy: 10 Lessons From Having Awful Roommates

With all the wacky ways to find potential roommates these days, it’s never a surefire bet you’ll end up getting along with the people you live with. 1,599 more words


My brain can’t handle not knowing what’s happening in the world.

My heart can’t handle knowing.

Roommate troubles

Like to hear about it? Here it go….

Actually… I just really need to vent. All kinds of things going on.

So 2 or so years ago I had a bad breakup. 925 more words

My Heart / My Head

6/18/18 and 6/17/18

Happy Monday! Our new roommate Elois turns 21 at midnight today, so she’s going out drinking tonight. Honestly I didn’t really try to get buddy-buddy with her the first day she came. 1,345 more words



I slept in until 2 today, and then Holly and Anna woke me up to go biking. Actually, they tried to wake me up to go to the farmer’s market with them earlier, but I was passed out. 1,378 more words