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It's Just Who I Am...

  I have been away from home for the past 3 weeks helping a friend move. It is good to get away sometimes. It helps you appreciate your life and your family and God willing they will appreciate you as well. 835 more words


12 Signs You Should Just Go Marry Your BFF Already

1. They saw you throw up that one horribly drunk Halloween and didn’t just hold your hair back, but also brought you water, a little something to eat, and an Advil in preparation for the hellacious morning you were undoubtedly going to face. 477 more words

Thoughts on roommates in college

I love the Office of Residence Life very much, with a few exceptions: When they are telling me my string contraptions are fire hazards, when they tell me I can’t stay in my River Terrace apartment for more than a year, and when they tell me I need a meal plan. 653 more words

Volume Cxii

3:34 am...

When you can’t sleep because the world is twisting around you.

I feel sick to my stomach. I have been dry heaving and my body can’t be to far from a bathroom. 522 more words

Dorm Living

Living in a dorm just sounds straight up frightening. I have heard countless horror stories from my friends that are living in such disgusting places. I genuinely feel sorry for them because it sounds rough as heck. 284 more words


The Canada Goose is Landing

The housing search has been… Trying, in a word. The job search wasn’t necessarily a barrel of monkeys, either, but there’s something a bit harder to take about going into someone’s home, trying to present your best, most charming, and accommodating version of yourself, and having a group of people say, “Eh, no…” And though it is always phrased more nicely than that, the result is, in the end, essentially the same. 1,038 more words

The Sixth Quote

As Ruth is eating her sushi, she ran out of soy sauce. So, she refilled the smaller bottle from the bigger bottle. Then, this comes out of her mouth. 25 more words