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Gone, Cat Gone.

It will please you to know that there is a 75% chance that if you lose your cat, they will return. Of course, micro-chipping the cat, having them wear a collar, and reporting to lost animal companies like… 381 more words


The Horrible Step That Nobody Talks About (Before the Disney College Program)

The horrible step that nobody talks about: roommate finding hell!! I don’t know if a lot of people go through as much as I’m going through to find a roommate, but it is totally killing my excitement and my confidence. 345 more words


The Real - 11/18/2018

Yesterday we had a surprise party at our place. I probably mentioned it before, but we like to do big, extravagant, somewhat-humiliating things for our friends’ birthdays. 2,555 more words


1.13 Meeting The Lavender Lady

Fortunately the call to Wood finished way before the silver Audi in front of me pulled to the curb. While I love books, and my major form of investing is tied up in paper, glue and string, I didn’t think there was much money to be had in selling them – even if Pulp (where Beatrice worked) was the largest independent on the West Coast. 769 more words


The Forever Friend

If there is one thing I have learned in my twenty-two years on this planet, friends come and go. Does it suck? Yeah, it does a lot. 1,234 more words

Victim and Villain

Two days ago I made a blog post about my roommate and them breaking a one rule: not feeding my cat.

As stated, my roommate is a nice guy, no ™ or nothing. 821 more words




We sit in silence everyone lost in their own thoughts. We have gotten tired of the suck and blow game and now all we are doing is stare at each other. 1,693 more words