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An Open Letter To My Roommate

Tonight will be the last night we sleep under the same roof together. Ever. (Insert sad face.)

I remember our first meeting and how I knew God wanted me to connect with you.  474 more words

Friendships, Relationships & Everything In Between

Going Home to a Foreign Land

I’m currently just outside of Groveland, CA, at Rush Creek Lodge, approximately one mile from Yosemete National Park.  I’ve been hired to play here for the summer, in large part thanks to my mother, who works here at reception (Oh, the nepotism!   301 more words


Top 10 Annoying Things Roommates Do

By Sarah Carroll

Everyone has a bad roommate story…everyone!

Some of us got stuck with them in college. Others ran into trouble when they picked someone random off of Craigslist. 148 more words



Tonight I crawl into your bed with you
and cry myself to convulsions,
and you say nothing as the earthquake
in my chest rocks us silently in the dark. 148 more words


They say college gets easier as it goes on, but I am going to tell you straight up, that is a bold face lie… Every moment of my second semester in college was hard! 626 more words

Roommates or No?

I’m a fiercely independent gal. I like to do things my way and no one else ( even the parental units) can tell me otherwise. 382 more words


Survival without Sleep

The only peaceful thing in world is Sleep

There used to be time when we (engineers) used to survive marathon sessions gaming, watching tv series, movies etc.

117 more words
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