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Ghouls Night Out

It’s that time of year already. By that statement, I mean endless Pumpkin Spice lattes, having Hocus Pocus on repeat and oh wait… a Halloween costume that you totally forgot about until just writing thi… 445 more words


Who are these five girls?

The first question you’re asking yourself is who are these five girls she keeps talking about? What are they like? Why do I care to read about five girls having only one bathroom? 268 more words


A Bad Day Gone Worse

So yesterday was a wonderful day, full of people I love, great food, and good family bonding! Today I wake up, already annoyed followed by an awful day at work, only to come home to problem X. 675 more words

Mei and Mary-Anne

“Mei was easily upset, and while Mary-Anne knew this, she sometimes purposely said things to rile her up. She felt bad about it, but she still couldn’t quite wipe the smug look off her face because it was still fun after about 55 years, and Mei never seemed to catch on.” 155 more words


A Lesson from My Roommate

I had five roommates during college. One I lived with for only a day, deciding early that I would be incompatible with the house’s party culture. 1,193 more words

Examining Things

A Strange Crazy Storm Disaster | Talking With Rose Leslie

I would have remembered more dreams and more details of the dreams that I did remember part of, but I accidentally went back to sleep without voice recording them so now I can only remember part of two dreams. 1,720 more words

Dream Journal

The Many Masks

My roommate “K” rarely has friends over, despite always talking about wanting to throw parties. When she talks about throwing parties she always lists my friends and then says “oh and I will invite one or two as well”. 461 more words