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So I slept all day, but that has nothing to do with why my feelings being a bit crushed. I have a room for rent soon and there are a couple of couples interested. 257 more words

Gay Life

Cobwebs and Turds

So Misty offered to let me stay with her for a few weeks while I explored her city and tried to decide if moving back to the USA was really what I wanted to do.   294 more words


Meredith's Awkward Life S2E5

Hello lovelies! Here we are yet again. . .

I hope you enjoy reading about my misfortunes haha!


Today, I was super tired and so I slept in. 300 more words


My Crazy Roomate

Being in college has a way of forcing you into interesting situations. I had issues with my roommates every year I stayed on campus at Georgia State. 642 more words

Book of Revelations- Pt.2

Uh oh, here’s part two. I’ll do my best to fill it with some of the repressed rage that has been building during my trip without letting it spiral out of control. 862 more words


The Polar Bear and the Lizard Share a Dorm Room

So, here’s a rant. I figure that’s okay. It’s my blog. I can rant if I want. Anyways, I am in college, and I share a room with a complete stranger and we have continuous arguments about the temperature, which this is about. 1,240 more words

Journal Entry


TW: emotional/mental abuse, financial abuse, modern culture

Contrary to the cooling weather, I’ve been thinking about flowers more and more as I think about this slowly budding relationship I’m in. 1,517 more words