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Room Finder Apps Help You Find Your Family Away From Home!

Your move to the big city can be very challenging. You’re bound to feel anxious and nervous when you think about independent living. In this case going out to hunt for the right apartment or the right roommate can be very tough but this is something you can check off your list easily. 229 more words

Room Finder App

To My Old Roommates

Dear Noelle and Julia,

I’m sorry I disappeared from the face of the Earth for a while there. I needed some time to myself. I’m finally a working girl again now that I’m getting into a healthier place. 336 more words


Checking back in

So I’ve fallen off the writing wagon. Which was bad cause the past few months have had some amazing blog worthy moments & because I’m sure at times I really could have used the writing therapy. 1,163 more words

The Roommates

My fiance and I are going to be moving apartments soon, and I am throwing out crap, donating more crap, and trying to figure out where to place everything once we move in. 1,081 more words


What about housing and meal plans?

As I ended my last blog post, it is definitely different than in The Netherlands. We do not know housing as it is here in the USA and we do not have meal plans. 626 more words

Exchange Student

Thoughts From The 22nd Of February (2017)

Hello Wonderful Listeners!

Today was an excellent day! I mean, it couldn’t have gone better (at least not in retrospect that is…) What made today especially nice is that I didn’t have to make an early start! 1,017 more words

The Pineapple's Diary

Weird Flatmate Stories!

Most people, when arriving at university, end up rooming with strangers for at least the first year. I know elsewhere it may work slightly differently, but here in the UK you tend not to have an actual ‘roommate’, as in sleeping in the same room, but halls and flats are pretty common. 796 more words