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Tips: Life With Roommates

We all know that living with people can’t be easy…that it’s impossible to live with other people in perfect harmony. But at the same time, living along would be so boring! 366 more words


Odd Man Out

I would never say I didn’t grow up privileged, because by all means I certainly did. However, it’s only because my mother works three jobs to support us and give my brother and I the world, but that doesn’t mean we never struggled or made sacrifices. 364 more words


Roommates & Magic Kingdom

Finally made it to Magic Kingdom! My roommates and I finally all had a night off that we could go explore the parks together! Being a failure of a vlogger, I didn’t realize how zoomed in my camera was…whoops! 129 more words

Magic Kingdom

Toxic - It's Not Britney Bitch

Some of you may know that my most recent living situation wasn’t the best.  I’m not going to sit here and play the blame game and complain that this was wrong and that was wrong because at the end of the day I made a lot of decisions that I’m sure didn’t make the situation any better.   279 more words

My Roommate Has My Butter Knife

Earlier this week I toasted bread, cut a hard-boiled egg and set my butter knife in the sink. I was going to wash it, after I finished eating. 225 more words

That's Life

Back to School

I recently just returned back to school for my second year as a Bio Pre Med major and this first week or so has been weird, difficult, and amazing all at once. 609 more words


Working and Roommates

Life in the dorms is an integral part of being a college student; though it is a lot of fun (and a life-changing experience), it can be really difficult. 294 more words

In Class