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22 Home Upgrades That'll Make Life With Roommates SO Much Better

There are a lot of things you like about your roommate, like how they introduce you to new music you might’ve missed or that their presence means you’re not technically drinking alone on a Tuesday night. 19 more words

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There's A House For Sale

There’s a house for sale. It’s a nice house. Not too big. Not too small. Just enough room for a single person looking for a quiet place. 547 more words

Hunt for a Roommate

I was talking to an older co-worker the other day about the fact that I was looking for someone to replace my roommate who had just moved out. 1,387 more words

30 Something

Stuck in the Middle

I’ve only had one roommate before this. Karl. And he was awesome. Yes, he was a little messy, and there was that period where he was being loud on work nights and pissing off J to no end. 162 more words


Week of July 9th 2018- First Week in Puerto Rican Apartment!

Monday, July 9th- Ummm… Sorry Guys… I Don’t Remember

I thought I’d written this day. I wrote consistently all week, but I forgot Monday. Of all days! 2,794 more words

Update on the Dorm Issue

Soon after, I emailed HR about the last room that they had given me ( check out earlier post). Someone from maintenance/engineering dept came to check out the room for themselves. 899 more words

Bullshit - 7/15/18

I found my debit card! I thought I lost it the day before yesterday, when I had snapped my glasses right down the middle. I call it the “butt-crack” of the glasses. 799 more words