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“All great changes are preceded by chaos” – unknown

I have had a wonderful past few weeks. I have really been trying to push myself to be more social and try new activities and it has helped me find myself far more efficiently than isolation. 1,177 more words

#695: My roommate always lets me know when she can hear me having sex.

Hey there Captain-

My roommate-BFF has heard me have sex. Multiple times (to clarify: we have separate bedrooms in an apartment). I enjoy sex that sometimes involves some/copious spanking, slapping, or flogging, so I’m especially sensitive to the fact that some people just Don’t Want To Hear It. 1,239 more words

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Heather in Haven Interlude: Roommates

Behind her, Olivia’s bedroom door opened. Heather stopped, feeling blood rush into her face. She was painfully aware that her own legs were slightly parted, enough that Helen would have full view of her. 63 more words

Heather In Haven Vignettes

Living With Boys Vs. Living With Girls

So for one year at college, I lived in a house of boys. I was in a bit of a pickle with my housing situation that year; I hated the dorms and found out I was being placed with 3 strangers because my only good friend who I planned to room with was transferring at the last minute. 1,596 more words

Promises Lost

This weeks been pretty hard. I’m super sick with a hardcore case of strep throat and my roommate moved out. It’s nice that my boyfriend and I are getting into a bigger room but the cost is shitty. 502 more words

Relaxing Sunday? Fat fucking chance.

How am I supposed to have a nice, relaxing day with all the fucking noise on the other side of my bedroom door. Appliances running, people talking, the music being played. 101 more words


Life is Not So Great Right Now

I’m sitting here in my room, yet again, thinking about how much I hate the people I live with. I’m mostly easy-going, and I don’t let too much stuff get under my skin. 702 more words