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Ecstacy and Hospitals

A young friend of mine, L, went to the hospital early on Thursday. I got the call from her roommate M at 5:45 in the morning. 995 more words

5 Tigers

Roommates With Differing Political Views Remain Friends

Photo by Pressmaster from Pexels

Roommates Justin Andrews, 25, and Calvin Fields, 26, have decided to continue their friendship following the discovery that they have different political views. 113 more words


The Drive-Through

By Vasilika Vanya Marinkovic / Secret World Entertainment ©


Lose and Keep Weight off Forever – The Future of Robotics Part I


THE DRIVE THRU… 1,722 more words

Golden Girls

We are well into the bucket of moving Zoe out. Oh wait, no we aren’t. Yes. Nope, we’re out again. Back in. And out. Okay. This is how it’s going. 2,250 more words

A quarantine compromise

There are four of us in our apartment. When the pandemic hit, one of us went to live with his girlfriend. That left three. One, a hypochondriac (and I mean that in the best way possible). 387 more words


Food Experiment gone wrong 😂😂

What happens when a noob like person tries to be Gordon Ramsay, Walter White or the crazy Walter Bishop……..they screw up bad. Although I had cooked few times at my sister’s place so I had the basic idea of cooking. 408 more words


The Rodney

We framed the 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle that we spent the aimless months of winter halfheartedly completing. It was a lifeless picture of a woman in a red dress standing under lamp light and looking into the distance. 366 more words

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