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The Roommate Debacle

When I got MD community medicine in Calcutta National Medical College, not once did I think I’ll regret it.

The whole place is filled with self entitled jerks who think the world bows down to them. 549 more words

#1281: "Every conversation with my mom is an interrogation of my life choices."

Dear Captain Awkward,

What are some good scripts for telling my mother I don’t want or need her help with my life?

I’m 27 and moved back in with my parents last year after losing my job due to budget issues. 4,258 more words

Reader Questions

Into the light

Fair warning: This is totally a rant, and exactly why I started a blog to begin with – to purge some emotional shit, but that doesn’t necessarily make it fun or interesting to read. 1,265 more words

Putting up with your shit (haiku/poem)

Bollocks. Fucking shit.

Putting up with whininess

Of one unfulfilled.

Putting up with your shit


A sweet romance between two utterly delightful characters

Out on the Serve by Lane Hayes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

That was such a sweet romance between two utterly delightful characters whose personalities bounced off the page. 181 more words



Woohoo! Out on the Serve, Book 7, in my Out in College series, is here a day early and just in time for summer fun.  158 more words

The Circumstances of a Friendship

Sex breeds.  Causing unsolvable problems.  Creating unexpected, often unwieldy alliances.  And we weren’t the ones having the sex.

We weren’t even flirting.  But, we started dating the Sunday night that my roommate, Fish, did her freshman boyfriend.  278 more words

Growing Up