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Game of Anticipation: the Boltons are still alive.

They’re indoors, they’re together…I’m not getting anything from Ramsay. This could be the part where someone tells them about Sansa and Theon escaping the castle, or it could be nothing special. 50 more words

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Welfare Mother Meet Welfare Mogul

One only has to glance at the long line of NFL owners flying to the league’s annual meeting in their private jets to know for a fact that welfare handouts only serve to create a culture of dependency. 210 more words


Game of Speculation: a Morsel from Daddy Bolton

There are literally not even TWO DAYS left of filming GoT S6. The 17th is the last day for the season. What the fuck am I supposed to do with myself between now and the release of the S5 DVD set? 149 more words

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Game of Speculation: Where's Daddy Bolton?

Seems the off-season has not quite run out of leaks to keep us busy. Watchers brings us some interesting stuff today, concerning something happening at Winterfell. 595 more words

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Game of Speculation: What Littlefinger Doesn't Know

Remember my belly-aching months ago about how marrying Sansa to Ramsay fucking Bolton was such a preposterous idea because Littlefinger would never do anything so incredibly dangerous to her? 1,136 more words

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House Bolton, Part 2: Inside the Dreadfort

Following on from our discussion of flaying techniques and knives in Part 1. The Boltons of the Age of Heroes were said to wear the skins of defeated enemies as cloaks. 1,872 more words

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House Bolton, Part 1: Our Blades Are Sharp

The Boltons are a powerful ancient Northern house with the blood of the First Men, from their seat, the Dreadfort, they ruled the eastern part of the North as the Red Kings. 1,695 more words