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On this day in 1776, Colonel von Riedsel (who would be become Major General Riedesel in 2 months, as he supported the final expulsion from Canada of the American forces in 1776 and put in command of all German forces during the Saratoga campaign of 1777, he would be captured by the Americans at Saratoga along with his family) swore an oath of loyality to King George which included, “ 411 more words

A Wears War Movie Review: Mission To Moscow: The Film Everybody Thought Was Crap.

I have no idea why Mr Wear deems fit to post a review of a film very few people have  actually seen. The film “Mission to Moscow” was simply one of many propaganda films coming out of Hollywood in the Second World War. 514 more words

Revisionist History

A Real Roosevelt

Ah, the nightmare of the Bakken.  The flaming towers and boiling mud.  Conex box living and heavy machinery.  The white pickups.  The lingering smell of gas and diesel and oil.  813 more words


A Wears War Movie Review: Mission To Moscow, The Factual Movie President Roosevelt Wanted Made & The Russian People Thought Was A Comedy

“At the time this movie was made it had one of the largest casts ever assembled … was very successful … When it was shown in Moscow, despite all the good will, people who saw it considered it a comedy—its portrayal of average, everyday life in the Soviet Union apparently way off the mark for 1943”. 

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The Reporter Who Helped Persuade FDR to Tell the Truth About War

After witnessing the bloody struggle with Japan, Robert Sherrod thought the public should face the ‘cruel’ facts


By Ray E. Boomhower, Zócalo Public Square

SMITHSONIAN.COM… 1,383 more words

20th Century History

The Federal Activity Project.

In 1936, the fella Roosevelt instigated the Works Progress Administration, to revitalise an America ravaged by the Great Depression. Rather wonderfully, this included the Federal Art Project, designed to support and rejuvenate the creative soul of the nation, by bunging artists a few quid to stir and create and colo(u)r up the gaff. 800 more words