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Churchill by Roy Jenkins

  The Second World War is primarily what Sir Winston Spencer Churchill is remembered for: so it says something about the scale of his life and achievements beforehand that we don’t get to September 3, 1939 until page 551 in Roy Jenkins’ brilliant, scrupulous biography. 330 more words

Adolf Hitler

the living new deal

In the depths of the Great Depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt promised the American people a “New Deal.” Over the decade 1933-43, a constellation of federally sponsored programs put millions of jobless Americans back to work and helped to revive a moribund economy. 148 more words

For Your Enjoyment

Any relation to... ?

I once met a guy who said he was related to Doc Holliday. He couldn’t have been a direct descendent, because Doc Holliday only had a common law wife, a Hungarian prostitute named, fascinatingly enough, Big Nose Kate, and they had no children. 286 more words


Heavenly Iowa and yet another life lesson

I was fortunate to premier Roosevelt! at the Donna Reed Theater in Denison, Iowa this past week.  I gave two performances there – one with almost 350 fourth and fifth graders who learned about their 26th President and many of his adventures.  368 more words

yoga journey

all my life I have been athletic and active, my parents raised 3 very active girls and knew how to use activity and sports to keep our high energy from becoming destructive, instead they had us us our boundless energy towards sports and extracurricular activities.  417 more words