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My son, the artist :)

He’s now painted several papers to resemble item he says they are the local indoor hockey rink and his brush is the Zamboni making the ice. 15 more words

Artsy Fartsy

It's snowing! It's snowing! It's SNOWING!!

We are having quite the snow here and the kiddos were chomping at bit to get outside and play. All four enjoyed the snow; however, I only managed to capture three with my “camera” before I attempted to shovel the driveway :)


Role playing instead of napping...

Rooster playing with his Spider-Man : Wait, who are you? ( in a high voice)
You know who I am. (In a lower voice)
I do? 22 more words


Another installment of "Heard From the Backseat"

Baby: Mom! Mom!
Me: what?
Baby: stop the car and spank him!! (Rooster)


Rooster's tactics

Tonight, on the way home from church, I hear a seatbelt unbuckle. (Is this story starting to sound familiar?? Lol…)

So I ask our Rooster to confirm, and he did. 131 more words


He may be on to something here...

While driving home from the park, I suspect I hear the familiar sound of a seatbelt being unbuckled. I question the usual suspect and here is the response I get… 85 more words


A fate worse than death... Or at least worse than a nap.

Me: buddy, you need to stop talking and take a nap…
Rooster: mom, I’m going to banish you to the high tower.

Great. I was afraid of that.