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some things are for me, others i do just for him

i channel into my self and feel my root chakra burning

heart chakra saying, “i forgive you.” 10 more words



Lately, I’ve bee feeling the need to really ground myself. I haven’t been doing the best of jobs. Well, unless you count the extra poundage I’ve been adding to my frame as I continue to engulf food every few hours past the “I’ve had enough” phase. 468 more words

Spiritual Awakening

Root Chakra - Part 1

What are Chakras?

Chakras are focal points of subtle body energy. Energy is in everything. Quantum physics is a lot to delve into, but you can look it up if you’re so inclined and learn more about it. 540 more words


Do Your Best

We’re entering the third week of 2019. It’s the time of year when some New Year’s resolutions are still going strong and some are beginning to wane. 356 more words


Inner Well Being & Your Root Chakra

I believe that everything comes from within and therefore we need to look inward to achieve emotional and physical well-being as well as beauty. We need to understand that we need to be able to connect with our inner self, our spirit, and the energy of the universe to connect with others in a harmonious way and to live a fulfilled life. 459 more words

Grounding Love, Expanding Time

On the first day of the Chakra Yoga Intensive at Seven Centers Yoga Arts in Sedona, we focused on the Root/Earth – Muladhara Chakra. During a meditation in a cave, we were guided to ask Mother Earth (our home), a question and allow her to answer. 196 more words