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How To Prevent Rootkit Attack?

1 . Search on system memory . Monitor all ingress points for a process as it is invoked , keeping tracks of imported library. 53 more words



Malware (malicious software) adalah sejenis perangkat lunak yang bertujuan untuk mendapatkan akses dan merusak sebuah computer tanpa sepengetahuan pengguna. Terdapat banyak variasi malware, diantaranya:


1.4 The Role of Rootkits in the Attack Cycle

Rootkits are usually brought into play at the tail end of an attack cycle. This is why they are referred to as post-exploit tools. Once you’ve got an interface and somehow escalated your privileges to root level, it’s only natural to want to retain access to compromised machine which is also known as plant or foothold. 245 more words



“Rootkits is Not Virus , rootkits is just a technology“

Background of RootKit

Rootkits are not a new technology. Modern rootkit are the same methods used in viruses in the 1980s . 343 more words


Favourite No-Lyric Music!

Rootkit Wilfire (Monsterkat Release). This is my new favourite song. It’s peppy, and it’s fun! Which is a huge surprise because I rarely ever love such music without any lyrics. 51 more words


1.3 The Attack Cycle

About now we might be wondering: “Okay, so how are machines rooted in the first place?”. The answer to this question encompasses enough subject matter to fill several books. 417 more words




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