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Rootkit - Wildfire

Artist: Rootkit

Nation: Norway

Released: 14 September 2016

Electronic Music / Dubstep

Malware Reverse Engineering - Part II

While most tools for MRE are staightforward, some of them require time, patience, and skills to show the full power. For static analysis, this means IDA; for dynamic analysis, it is OllyDbg (and WinDbg for Windows kernel debugging). 2,378 more words


8 Common Types of Malware

Malware is a common term heard throughout the security industry, but it is also heard a lot outside the industry, because it has become so ubiquitous in the computing landscape. 1,156 more words

Code Red

Huge spam and malware network goes offline

Source: BBC

One of the biggest networks of spam-sending computers in the world has gone quiet, puzzling experts, internet security firms have said.

For years the Necurs botnet has distributed junk mail and malware for many different groups of cyber-thieves. 293 more words

Cyber Crimes

Beware of a new variant of Shopperz adware

Security researchers at Bleeping Computer are quick to discover emerging and revenant threats, and this time the team broke the alarm to a new variant of the Shopperz adware, thanks to the tipster in the name of Djordje Lukic… 387 more words

Rootkit - Elevate | 1 HOUR |

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Friday Night!! We’re checking out some house music from Rootkit with a track called Elevate.  This track has been reconfigured into a  1 HOUR  mix by  7 more words

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