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Notes from SophosLabs: Dyreza, the malware that discriminates against old computers

Notes from SophosLabs is an occasional series looking at some of the tricks and techniques we see (and use) in SophosLabs when we take malware apart. 1,137 more words


Hot Lotto security director suspected of tinkering with computer to win $14.3m

Some people are born lucky. Some people make their own luck.

Some people insert their luck via self-deleting malware on a thumb drive, thereby ensuring that the state Hot Lotto lottery will spit out a number that wins them a sweet $14.3 million jackpot (about £9.7 million). 696 more words


"o noes its melting"

“o noes its melting” was one of the last things I saw on my terminal in the final hour on the PBX box in MACCDC qualifiers. 1,476 more words


Kick User Bash Script

You can delete user with command deluser however, if user is running processes and you must kill first (he can start new ones) after that you must backup for further investigations.While you are trying to kick him he can root your system with local exploits or put malicious files to your system.For that reasons being quick and following a path is very important and in here this path is our Bash script. 33 more words

Python - Bash

What is Rootkit?


Rootkits are usually used to hide files or programs.

All-Games: Page 23

Page 23

The monsters have been chosen!

Starring: Billy and Jay – The Game Chasers

You can read the whole story as it is released HERE

Dexter Morrill

All-Games 2014 Holiday Card

The Virus Gang keeps the artist company hostage for the holidays!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from ‘The Quest’!

Dexter Morrill