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Hot Lotto security chief found guilty of scamming his own lottery for $14.3m

Eddie Raymond Tipton, the former security director of the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), has been convicted of a $14.3m lottery scam.

After deliberating for six hours on Tuesday, jurors at the Polk County Courthouse in Des Moines, Iowa, returned a verdict of guilty on two separate fraud charges. 662 more words


Hard Drive Rootkit Is Frighteningly Persistent

There are a lot of malware programs in the wild today, but luckily we have methods of detecting and removing them. Antivirus is an old standby, and if that fails you can always just reformat the hard drive and wipe it clean. 335 more words

Security Hacks

GPU Malware – Update 2

Hello readers, how are you? This is an updated post about Malwares, which run on GPU (Graphics Processing Units) and keep stealthy. I have added two new documents below: … 100 more words


Oliver Heldens vs. Disclosure vs. Robin Thicke vs. Rootkit

This Future House mashup by Loco Droco really hits the spot. You’ll groove to the steady tempo for all 4 minutes and 20 seconds. This track features names such as Oliver Heldens, Disclosure, and Rootkit!


Notes from SophosLabs: Dyreza, the malware that discriminates against old computers

Notes from SophosLabs is an occasional series looking at some of the tricks and techniques we see (and use) in SophosLabs when we take malware apart. 1,137 more words


Hot Lotto security director suspected of tinkering with computer to win $14.3m

Some people are born lucky. Some people make their own luck.

Some people insert their luck via self-deleting malware on a thumb drive, thereby ensuring that the state Hot Lotto lottery will spit out a number that wins them a sweet $14.3 million jackpot (about £9.7 million). 696 more words


"o noes its melting"

“o noes its melting” was one of the last things I saw on my terminal in the final hour on the PBX box in MACCDC qualifiers. 1,476 more words