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Lenovo used shady 'rootkit' tactic to quietly reinstall unwanted software

Lenovo has been caught using a technique, often used by some malware to withstand being deleted, to reinstall unwanted software on the computers it sells. 338 more words

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Decades Old Rootkit Exploit Discovered in Intel Processors!

A Researcher makes a sensational claim after discovering Intel and AMD processors to be vulnerable due to a fundamental design flaw dating back to 1997. 419 more words


Antivirus [some basic's] Part 1

So when you hear the word virus…most people will cringe at the though of having a physical virus, and the same should go for having a computer virus.  790 more words

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Design flaw in Intel processors opens new doors for root kits…

How to: Get rid off Microsoft's OneDrive with one file.

With this shellcode you can get rid of Microsoft’s OneDrive plague. Which allows Windows (10) automatically store you private stuff and can be access by Microsoft staff for “juridical” reasons  according to the… 201 more words


Hot Lotto security chief found guilty of scamming his own lottery for $14.3m

Eddie Raymond Tipton, the former security director of the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), has been convicted of a $14.3m lottery scam.

After deliberating for six hours on Tuesday, jurors at the Polk County Courthouse in Des Moines, Iowa, returned a verdict of guilty on two separate fraud charges. 662 more words


Hard Drive Rootkit Is Frighteningly Persistent

There are a lot of malware programs in the wild today, but luckily we have methods of detecting and removing them. Antivirus is an old standby, and if that fails you can always just reformat the hard drive and wipe it clean. 335 more words

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