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Trump Walks Back Giuliani: 'He'll get his facts straight'

President Donald Trump publicly undermined his attorney Rudy Giuliani on Friday, saying the former New York City mayor had only a loose grasp of the Stormy Daniels business when he spoke about it earlier this week. 754 more words


Campaign finance experts: Trump, Giuliani comments could backfire

President Donald Trump’s admitted reimbursement to his lawyer for a payment to Stormy Daniels days before the election could violate campaign finance laws, experts told NBC News. 879 more words


Trump Now Says He Reimbursed His Lawyer for Porn Star Payment

President Donald Trump acknowledged Thursday he repaid his personal lawyer for hush money given to porn actress Stormy Daniels after claiming previously he didn’t know about the payments. 1,483 more words


Malware Explained Part 1


Computer slowdown, crashes, and pop-ups, these and more are signs that a computer might be infected with malware. Malware is a blanket term used to describe software that can cause an annoyance or harm to a computer. 563 more words


What is Rootkit? How To Remove Rootkit Virus Using Scanner

Data security experts are continually worried about a wide assortment of security-related dangers. Some of these dangers posture impressively larger amounts of the hazard than others and subsequently require more assets to counter. 2,601 more words


AV Evasion Using Alpha_Mixed Encoder

To enhance even more AVET I had a look at the alpha_mixed encoder from the metasploit project. An ASCII only shellcode can be produced that way: 253 more words