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In my own mind at least, I suffer from a peculiar kind of rootlessness. Most in the US grow up with friend groups they know from childhood through adulthood. 484 more words

Mental Health

Of Roots and Rootless -- Flash Fiction #14

I have seen the tree since it was a baby sapling planted by the municipal corporation. We have grown old together.

On the tree bloomed beautiful multi-coloured flowers. 150 more words

Flash Fiction


Now that Wikileaks has published all those documents proving that Big Brother is none other than the CIA or the NSA or whatever department is in charge of HOMELAND security at the moment, I see no harm in sharing my own experience. 691 more words

Life As I See It

It's all in the bag

“What’s in the bag, kiddo?” A sentence that many would register as a back pack or something else. A sentence that can either come across as an accusation or curiosity. 1,101 more words

Home (and whatever the hell that means)

“Home”, and what the word really represents, is one I’ve considered a lot. Maybe it’s down to me having moved around a lot as a kid. 805 more words



My roots are solid, thick, heavy and eager
to try different grounds.
My roots are ready to pack up
every value, happy family memories,
proven that the world is just a massive garden… 501 more words


I am not Rootless


A student of science in body,
I know in my heart that science,
is but just a part of the answer,
in search of the meaning of life, 88 more words