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Weekly Winner:  "Old Clothes" never tasted so good.

Yep, that’s what we ate this weekend.  Old Clothes.  It was better than you might expect.  Actually, it was Ropa Vieja the Cuban stewed beef recipe which means “Old Clothes”.   362 more words

Señor Pan Cafe, Cuban Food Bliss

The thing about engaging strangers in conversation and they finding out that you are more of a fan of seeking restaurants that deviate from group think, they offer suggestions that put you in the path of authenticity. 538 more words


How About Some Ropa Vieja (Old Clothes) ?

Ropa Vieja or Old Clothes is the colorful Mexican term for shredded beef. Remember when I asked if you would eat a Huarache (Sandal)? Today I am asking you if you would like some… 568 more words

Do It Yourself

Flashback Friday: Cueva Ventana and Arecibo Observatory, PR

I really wanted to just sit on my ass on the forth day of our Puerto Rican getaway. After that trip to Culebra the day before I was burned out and intended to stay in till noon at least. 731 more words

Swap-Box Hero: Riches-to-Rags Edition

Ropa vieja.

Old clothes.

And sure, a stew of shredded flank steak jumbled with strips of poblano peppers does look a bit like tattered rags. 632 more words


Socialist echoes

The Cubana Air flight inbound has echoes of North Korea already.

The complimentary state run paper, which has more then its fair share of pictures of Castro, though to its credit, its mostly limited to the first few pages. 1,135 more words


Food adventures in Miami | Versailles

If there’s anything I love, it’s long drives, quick weekend getaways, and trying new restaurants. Going to Miami for the weekend to get my Cuban fix was the best decision I’ve made in a while! 229 more words