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CF log 01/12/17 (Fri)

Woke up tired, hungry, but feeling a little bloated. Still decided to drag myself outta bed and head to hub~

Regretted a little when I saw the workouts for today LOL. 153 more words


CF log 25/11/17 (Sat)

Partner wod day!!

Warmed up with 5-min AMRAP “Cindy”. I started with push ups. Did about 4.5 rounds (finished push ups and 3 squats lol). 188 more words


Struggling To Get Your First Pull-Up?

We know that you have goals. For many of you, the goal is to get that first strict pull-up. This 14 workout program is sure to help build the pure pulling strength needed to get your chin over the bar for the first time. 462 more words

CF log 12/11/17 (Sun)

Hero wod day~

Anny and I planned to have brkf after wod today so I was telling her last night that I hoped it would be a tough wod so brkf would be more shiok. 130 more words



Wednesday 8th November 2017

Skill / Strength: This was harder than the WOD!

WOD: Went too light on the Sandbag Carry!


How long does it take to get strong?

That will differ for each person as Dr. Fred Hatfield pointed out in his “7 Laws Of Training”, the law of individual differences is listed first. 79 more words

Cave Strong Nation

CF log 12/09/17 (Tue)


4 rounds in team of 3, rotate between –
10 GHD
Plank hold while team member completes GHD

Teamed with Belle and Gladys! 83 more words