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Beetroot, Feta, Rocket and Walnut Salad

Have you ever wanted to bring a salad to work or to uni but there are just too many separate containers that you need to bring? 326 more words


Pumpkin and Feta Pizza

This vegetarian masterpiece of a pizza is a classic flavour combination which I am sure would even impress the Dalai Lama. 319 more words


Roasted Vegetable Salad and Couscous

This can take a while, but it’s fairly low on contact time. It’s a little Moroccan inspired and if you make a big batch it makes a really good lunch as well. 256 more words


Roquette, Basil and Coriander on a Window

So, in mind of my wife and I’s habit of forever buying fresh herbs (well, and dired herbs – you should see that collection.) and using a tiny part then storing them in the Fridge until they shrivel up and die today I had a brainwave. 267 more words


Pesto and goat’s cheese pappardelle

Now although this week’s Chinese New Year celebrations had been mentioned en passant in the cartoon kitchen, Trota was clearly taken aback when Fidget turned up unexpectedly with new friend Billy. 182 more words


Tagliata con la rucola / Steak with roquette salad

Not the easiest of mistakes to make, you might think, but then consider who’s in charge of mission control in the cartoon kitchen… 187 more words


The Perfect Side Salad

Ok, just a really quick and easy recipe tonight!

We often enjoy having some pasta or a homemade pizza for dinner on the weekend. The only problem is that  it can be really hard to get enough veggies packed into these kind of meals. 248 more words