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Gabriel (2015): Movie Week 2018 Review

Last week, I announced how I would be watching six new movies for my new movie week, which usually takes place in the middle of March. 526 more words


Bullet Head (2017, dir. Paul Solet)

Three criminals hide out after a bungled heist, but find they’re in the disused warehouse lair of a dog-fighting gang. Decent little thriller, with plenty for its decent cast to do; a competent job all around with some arty moments.

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Signs is a movie I have never re-watched since it was released on DVD around the end of 2002. It’s a film I was interested in checking out again because I find it intriguing it was a film that had a $70 million budget starring Mel Gibson that nobody really talks or cares about compared to when it was released. 1,287 more words


Spring Break Movie Week

While I may not be in school, Spring Break is still a time for me to look forward to as I have a small tradition: New Movie Week. 449 more words


Jack Goes Home - USA, 2016

‘Some things last forever’

Jack Goes Home is a 2016 American independent horror film written, produced and directed by Thomas Dekker (actor in Fear Clinic… 931 more words


Mini-Series Review: Waco (The Strangers From Across The Street)

In this episode of Waco there’s a lot more concentration on the side of the Branch Davidians, as well as the introduction to a new character, Jacob Vazquez an undercover agent for the ATF who is portrayed by John Leguizamo. 546 more words

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Sundance: Rory Culkin Talks Bloody Black Metal Tale 'Lords of Chaos'

Rory Culkin chased “Lords of Chaos” for roughly five years. There was something about the story of the rise and bloody fall of Norwegian black metal icon Euronymous that the actor couldn’t shake. 830 more words