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Sundance: Rory Culkin Talks Bloody Black Metal Tale 'Lords of Chaos'

Rory Culkin chased “Lords of Chaos” for roughly five years. There was something about the story of the rise and bloody fall of Norwegian black metal icon Euronymous that the actor couldn’t shake. 830 more words


"Lords of Chaos"



Films don’t often leave me speechless but after the final credits rolled on “Lords of Chaos,” I was so stunned and shocked that I felt like kicking a baby and running to a back alley to throw up. 650 more words


'Waco' Team on the Challenge of Finding ‘Heroes Within This Bad Situation’

For Taylor Kitsch, preparing to play David Koresh, the leader of the Branch Davidians who became involved in a 51-day standoff with the FBI in the early 1990s, wasn’t just about learning his family history or reading scripture. 1,393 more words


Columbus (2017) - Movie Review

Director:  Kogonada
Screenwriter:  Kogonada
Cast: John Cho, Hayley Lu Richardson, Parker Posey 723 more words

Columbus (2017) Review

It only takes about 60 seconds to realize that this film is going to be Arthouse AF. I mean, if a film written and directed by a man named Kogonada wasn’t a dead giveaway then I don’t know what to tell you. 306 more words

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Welcome to Willits (2016)

Plot: Brock (Bill Sage) grows pot and cooks meth, but his real passion is aliens, which he is convinced are real and out to eradicate mankind. 636 more words

Film Review: 'Bullet Head'

Good intentions sometimes come in odd packages, and while one doesn’t doubt writer-director Paul Solet’s sincerity, “Bullet Head” makes his judgment questionable — a vaguely “Reservoir Dogs”-esque crime thriller is not, it turns out, the ideal vehicle in which to plead for humane treatment of actual dogs. 778 more words