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Signs (2002)


I have a soft spot for this movie. I remember seeing it in the theatre and during some scenes everyone in the theatre was dead silent, with their hands frozen in the popcorn and staring at the screen. 579 more words


Intruders (2015, Adam Schindler)

Should Intruders be good? It should be better, no question, but should it be good. It’s about an agoraphobic (who’s an agoraphobic solely as part of the film’s gimmick) who has to fend off intruders into her home. 432 more words


The Chumscrubber (2005)

A high school student is blackmailed into recovering a stash of drugs from his dead friend’s house by the school bully who kidnaps an innocent boy for leverage. 188 more words


SXSW 2016: "Jack Goes Home" Review

To call Thomas Dekker’s Jack Goes Home an unconventional horror film would be a gross understatement. Its premise is familiar: a young man returns to his hometown after spending many years away only to discover that everything has changed. 415 more words


Rory Culkin Plays Delivery Man Caught Between Home Invaders in 'Intruders'

Actor Rory Culkin is victimized by some dangerous INTRUDERS in the brutal home-invasion thriller. Culkin plays Dan, a food deliveryman who appears to be the only friend of Anna (Beth Riesgraf), a young woman whose crippling agoraphobia prevents her from leaving her house. 955 more words


INTRUDERS Barges on to DVD

Jeri Jacquin

On DVD this week from director Adam Schindler and Entertainment One comes the unexpected when dealing with INTRUDERS.

Anna (Beth Riesgraf) is living a life no one around her can imagine. 509 more words