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Rory Gallagher (A-Z #45)

Born in March 1949 in Ballyshannon, Donegal, Ireland, Rory Gallagher started his musical career in a series of school bands in Cork before forming his first true band – The Fontana Showband. 314 more words


RORY GALLAGHER - " An Irishman In New York " My Fathers Place 7th September 1979

I am assuming that Rory fans would want to know one thing first and foremost about this release: what does it sound like? Good. It sounds good. 597 more words


What is #trending on your board? | Subtle citizenship | Rory Gallagher

This is an update of an idea that came up during the frantic 28 days of writing challenge in February. I had started by simply putting “#JeSuisCharlie” on the board ¬†– an idea which in fact I questioned later in a blog post “#JeSuisCharlie/#JeNeSuisPasCharlie”. 69 more words

Beginner's Mind | Metacognition for all.. | Rory Gallagher

I have long had a sneaking suspicion that it would be possible to get a C grade on GCSE Foundation Reading paper in languages…. A few times I have asked colleagues – non language ¬†teachers, TAs, students who have not done a language before – to have a go at a paper, and most have ended up with at least a D. 60 more words

#twitteratichallenge | people who inspire | Rory Gallagher

Thank you to @chocotzar and @dp40days on twitter for nominating me.
It becomes trickier to nominate as this challenge expands and absorbs more and more people across the internet, like a kind of ‘good blob’. 77 more words

Teacher Wellbeing - update | How sustainable is any of this? | Rory Gallagher

One term on, where is the #teacher5aday movement? How are we all doing?
Martyn Reah has been amazing in organising this, and above all in keeping the momentum going and challenging us all to continue reflecting on our lives. 83 more words

I am Rory | Or: Becoming Rory.... | Rory Gallagher

I like this idea, but it is is a hard one to do in 500 words.
I spent most of February trying to define who I am through my decision to become a teacher, and exploring the reasons for leaving the idyllic island of Corsica. 82 more words