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Bill Bratton: City Council NYPD Reform Bills Are 'Overkill'

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton again voiced opposition to proposals from the City Council to increase oversight of the NYPD today, saying the attempts at reform aren’t needed. 502 more words

Bill Bratton: Council Reform Bills Are 'Unprecedented Intrusions' Into NYPD

A week after Police Commissioner Bill Bratton’s police force got a 1,300 new members—a headcount boost championed by the City Council—Mr. Bratton today threw cold water on Council legislation to outlaw chokeholds and require police to seek consent to searches. 1,214 more words

Melissa Mark-Viverito Vows to Create a Bail Fund With or Without the Mayor

Mayor Bill de Blasio has been decidedly noncommittal about Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito’s proposal for a $1.4 million bail fund—but said today she’d set one up with or without his support. 814 more words

New York State's Top Judge: Bail System 'Totally Ass-Backwards in Every Respect'

In a country where criminal defendants are innocent until proven guilty, Kalief Browder spent three years in jail awaiting trial on charges of stealing a backpack when he was 16, because he couldn’t afford bail. 1,753 more words

Karen Koslowitz Elected Chair of the Queens Council Delegation

It was a Koz for celebration.

Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz, a veteran Queens Democrat, was elected the chair of the Queens City Council delegation this afternoon, according to her colleagues. 152 more words

Veteran Democrat Set to Lead Queens City Council Delegation

The longest-serving Democrat in the City Council is set to lead the Queens delegation, sources say.

Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz, a Forest Hills lawmaker, will likely be chosen by her 13 Queens colleagues next week to head the delegation, replacing outgoing Councilman Mark Weprin. 293 more words

A Thousand New Cops? Grassroots Liberals Rebuke a Progressive City Council

The progressive Democrats who own the City Council and the grassroots activists who celebrated their swift rise are used to being in harmony.

The City Council passed a beefed up paid sick days bill. 1,504 more words