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S3:E15 Face-Off

“It’s French.” – Rory

I find it very disappointing that after all of his efforts to snag Rory, Jess is not always ready to make plans with her.

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Gilmore Girls

Rory's thoughts on exercise

Mac jumps and flys around the house.  He does backflips and jump twists and sprints along the top of the couch.  He chases things, he chases me, or he tries to and sometimes I let him. 176 more words


What's Wrong? Kiss and Tell

What’s wrong with episode 7?

  • Thank you! Rory, my girl, you needed to say more. Running away after poor Dean kisses you is harsh, he doesn’t know if you didn’t like the kiss, if you don’t like him, if you had to go to the restroom, or anything else that could be thought of after the person you’ve kissed runs away right after.
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Oy with the poodles already

The weirdest stuff pop into my head at the weirdest times. But it was perfect. I needed something to cheer me up and this Gilmore Girls… 151 more words

What's Wrong? Rory's Birthday Parties

This is actually one of my favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls and so it might be a little difficult for me to call out what might be wrong with the episode. 237 more words


What's Wrong? Cinnamon's Wake

What’s wrong with episode five?
  • Mr. Madina asking out Lorelai at a school function was probably not the best idea. Could you imagine if at that moment a student, parent, or another teacher heard their conversation?
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Throwback Thursday: Well, that didn't work ...

This is our cat Rory in May 2013. We were trying to keep the cats off the chair, probably because of Aoife’s IBD and the messes she made there. 24 more words