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Suspension, contrivance and The Power of Three (2012)

Years ago, I saw Speed (or as Homer Simpson calls it, The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down) at the cinema. I remember that although I knew nothing about when I went in, I was soon captivated by this crazy, adrenalin ride of a film. 1,044 more words

My Dear Dean

I’ve always loved Gilmore Girls. My mom and I used to watch the show all of the time and it was a bonding thing for us. 592 more words

Chapter 4.4 Holy Cheesepuffs

Last time Martha was born and was aged up to a toddler, Koi & Lucky got married, Maya retired and another baby was conceived.

The families new puppy is proving to be a miniature pain in the butt.   850 more words


Fathers, children and Night Terrors (2011).

It’s time, as I’ve threatened previously, to talk about kids. The little Daleks are everywhere these days. And it’s since Steven Moffat took over as show runner. 1,117 more words

Lessons From...Gilmore Girls

I found the Gilmore Girls series on Netflix and went down a binge spiral. The show holds a special place in my heart since I watched it when I was younger…nearly religiously. 342 more words


A (Surprise) Letter to my Boyfriend

Dear R,

You are like the Wings of Freedom to me. You keep me sane and happy. When my inner Titans attack, you are like Levi and rip them to shreds. 234 more words



Rory Swenson has been waiting forever to turn twelve years old. Literally, all her life. And finally, the day has (almost) come. Luckily, Rory is prepared— she has a to-do list. 478 more words