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Quote of the Day

Rory: Maybe you could come with me.

Lorelai: Oh, is there a “you’re crazy” team? ‘Cause I think they’d make you captain.

Rory: Please?

Lorelai: Rory, I love you.

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Quote Of The Day

I exited the sun-bleached house on to the sandy pathway littered with smoky debris from the night before. I hobbled and stumbled my way past savaged bodies and ruined houses into a clearing marked distinctly with palm fronds. 747 more words


I have this little ring with me. It’s a man ring, like a signet. Not that women can’t wear them, it’s just that this one has only been worn by men. 208 more words


New York 2016: Day 3

Monday May 16, 2016

We started our day by making our way to the Museum of Modern Art; we encountered many, many out of the ordinary art. 119 more words


{this moment}

A week of birthday celebrating, park playing, play recovering, and wrapping up our school year.  Weew.  We now have a three year old in the house (a separate post on that coming soon, I promise) and we finished kindergarten and second grade.  12 more words

The Moment

Home crowd RORS

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Rory hasn’t been “Rory” since the 2015 DP World Tour Championship in Dubai. He won that week. That’s what being “Rory” is. Winning in style. 388 more words

Date Idea: Homemade Pepperoni Pizza

Every week when grocery shopping, there’s an aisle in Kroger that has ingredients for pizza making at home. Finally decided to buy the ingredients to make one. 227 more words