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Parklets: Providing much needed green space and relaxation in urban areas

Parklets are popping up in cities throughout the world, intended to provide some much needed green space in urban areas.

Parklets are public seating platforms that convert curbside parking spaces into vibrant community spaces. 565 more words

Rosa Medea

LENA: Fashion library challenges fast fashion culture

Fashion library LENA is lending clothes to customers in efforts that shun fast fashion and instead encourages people to wear clothing but not at the expense of the environment and people. 468 more words

Rosa Medea

4Ocean: Cleaning up the oceans "one bracelet, one pound" at a time

A humble mala-style bracelet, made from recycled glass beads and a cord made from recycled plastic water bottles, is helping to fund beach cleanups and to deploy sea captains to “fish” trash out of the ocean. 251 more words

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Beginner's Guide to Electric Vehicles

Are you thinking of buying a car? Whether you are considering an electric vehicle (EV), extended-range EV (EREV) or hybrid car (PHEV), the below video gives comprehensive and simplified information on what you need to know. 10 more words

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Straws: Documentary inspires sea of change on plastic straws

Straws is a short film which aims to show how plastic straws are contributing to plastic pollution and empowers people of all ages to be part of the solution. 178 more words

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iFixit: Championing a world of repairers

A repair culture is beginning to become the norm rather than the exception as more and more people become knowledgeable about living more sustainably. iFixit is a wiki-based site which is empowering a whole new generation of the DIYers. 428 more words

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Reusable string bags make a welcome comeback at grocery stores and markets

Before there were plastic bags, there were reusable string bags. Now the environmentally friendly solution to carrying your groceries is back.

The open-netted bags with tote handles have been used for centuries throughout Europe, where they still remain popular. 86 more words

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