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Story of an Activist: Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr was an American Baptist minister and activist. He is best known for his role in the American Civil Rights Movement. This is his story. 967 more words


Rosa Parks, Civil Rights Activist. Part 1

Rosa Parks was an attractive African-American lady living in Alabama.  The mid-50’s in the United States saw civil rights reaching a flash point.  “Jim Crow” laws made public life for ‘black’ people a miserable and humiliating experience.   867 more words

Lunar Returns

Kids and Dogs...and Horses

Once, it seems like a hundred years ago (at those times when it doesn’t seem like just yesterday…), I was in the esteemed position of raising two precious little girls. 544 more words


One Productive Day

Oh, my gosh, that title deserves an exclamation point!

The countdown is on, with just a few days until my birthday. This will be my sixty-fourth. 523 more words


Story of an Activist: Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks is one of the worlds most famous activists in the world. She sparked a major event, the Montgomery bus boycott, that contributed to the end of segregation in America.This is her story. 952 more words

Human Rights

Silent cheers as four young women upstage a powerful president

TWO radically different responses have been witnessed recently in South Africa from citizens determined to denounce corrupt politicians abusing their power or filling their pockets with taxpayers’ money: Violence on the one hand, non-violent and silent protest on the other. 761 more words

As the LEAP ambassadors’ research drew to a close, still more adventures await them on the road. Although the various activities we got to engage in on the way to Detroit were elucidating and interesting, the true focus of our trip was as stated previously, to help Jeff Guinn in researching the Vagabonds. 693 more words