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Rosa Parks: My Story

Learn about one of the activists in the movement of nonviolent struggle known as the Civil Rights movement in the USA. Her most famous action was on a bus. 7 more words

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Remembering Rosa Parks

More than meets the eye

         Rosa Parks is well known for her involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. So well known, in fact, that she was given the nickname “The Mother of the Civil Rights Movement.” She is remembered as the African American woman who refused to give up her bus seat in Montgomery, Alabama when she was told to do so, which resulted in her arrest. 327 more words

50 Famous Vegetarians: Their Thoughts and Reasons for Doing So

I thought that some of you might enjoy this article I found on ProCon.org, entitled 50 Famous Vegetarians. And by vegetarian – for those of you who may not be sure of what this means exactly, they are referring to people who refrain from eating animals and sometimes other animal products, very often for moral, religious, or health reasons. 131 more words

The Playlist

Why hello there all of my Deviants, it’s back to Monday again and to help you fight your case of the Mondays I’ve got a playlist for you that I’ve been listening to. 193 more words


On My Radar

Taylor, Mumford and Rosa. A few things on my radar this week… Check it out below.

73 Questions

If you haven’t heard of or seen these videos and you have any interest in celebrities or pop culture at all, they’re worth a watch. 397 more words

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Harriet Tubman May Have To Wait To Get On The $20 Bill

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Word that women have to wait to get on the $20 bill is not going over well.

Advocates who have been working to put a woman’s face on America’s paper money were fighting mad over reports that a female figure won’t grace the front of any U.S. 472 more words


Mahala Ashley Dickerson: Legal Trailblazer And Life Long Friend Of Rosa Parks

Black History: Special Delivery!!



Mahala Ashley Dickerson (1912—2007) made history, becoming the first African American female attorney to be admitted to the Alaska and Alabama bar associations. 508 more words

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