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The Woman Who Discovered DNA's Double Helix May Get a Much-Deserved Biopic — io9

Rosalind Franklin, the British scientist whose research enabled the discovery of DNA’s double helix, will be getting a biopic if spec script Exposure is made. Fingers crossed, because not only would a feature film bring Franklin some much-deserved recognition—her life would make for quite a dramatic movie.Read more…

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The Monthly Scientist: Miss April

Goodness is this the Monthly Scientist actually in the correct month! Well I must admit I was ashamed at myself that I didn’t know this women’s name. 282 more words


4 Inspiring Female Scientists Who Make Us Proud To Be Girls

By Anne Jorgenson

Sexism still exists. Anyone who tries to deny it is willingly sticking his or her head in the patriarchal sand. That’s not to say things aren’t better now than they were in years past (Woo voting rights! 691 more words


Minerva Scientifica – Does it hurt?

It’s a good question. Dr. Claire Sharpe took time out from her important work on kidney disease to talk with an eager group of children at Yerbury Primary School in Islington. 317 more words

Frances M Lynch

A day like today...

… in 1953, James Watson (1928- ) and Francis Crick (1916-2004) elucidate the helical structure of the DNA molecule.

Two names that resist the past of the time. 386 more words


a comic drawn by the lovely Kate Beaton from Hark! A Vagrant

= Basically what it was like for every female scientist/discoverer ever


A Few Good Women

Most people are familiar with the men who have contributed towards history but not quite enough recognition is given to the women, whose journeys are even more profound simply because they’re women! 708 more words

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