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Living Crystals, Part 2

What exactly is gained by expanding the borders of crystallography to incorporate living things? Gould and Lewontin’s paper on evolutionary byproducts may contain part of the answer. 282 more words



(Written April 6, 2015 for Intro. to Creative Writing Course)

“ ever there was a woman who was mistreated, it was Rosalind Franklin, and she didn’t get the notice that she should have gotten for her work on DNA.” 100 more words

Creative Writing

Sexism in science: Did Watson and Crick really steal Rosalind Franklin’s data?

The race to uncover the structure of DNA reveals fascinating insights into how Franklin’s data was key to the double helix model, but the ‘stealing’ myth stems from Watson’s memoir and attitude rather than facts… 1,630 more words


DNA Structure & Protein Synthesis

Genetics and Biology students will study the nature of the DNA molecule extensively.  DNA structure, replication, and protein synthesis will be examined.  Students will construct and explain models for each process.  88 more words

The Science Of Gender: Women’s Role In Science

Throughout history, men have dominated science. Just look at the main stereotype of the older, white man, wearing glasses and a lab coat. There is a reason why this became the dominant stereotype. 790 more words