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Of Rosalind Franklin Of DNA #3

Rosalind Franklin and DNA by Anne Sayre

This is my 4th auto/biography after Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Cassius Clay. I must say that I find joy reading biographies from time to time and I surely learn more than just about the individual and how he/she impacted the community he/she was in. 1,033 more words


Changing the World - Unknown Contributions

Little Known

People Who

Changed the World

For many different reasons, the people on this list aren’t household names, but they had a major impact on the world. 3,546 more words


July 25 in history

285 Diocletian appointed Maximian as Caesar, co-ruler.

306 Constantine I was proclaimed Roman emperor by his troops.

864 The Edict of Pistres of Charles the Bald ordered defensive measures against the Vikings. 1,076 more words


Women in Science

Despite advances in education and career achievements, the invisibility of the achievements of women in science continues.  The Francis Crick Institute in London, for example, cost an estimated £700 million to build and equip, and has running costs of £140 million a year, but while it was being constructed it required a £1 marker pen to correct an information board on the perimeter of the building site to acknowledge the role that Rosalind Franklin played in Crick’s work. 121 more words


Can Women Be Scientists?

Of course women can be scientists. In fact, some of the greatest discoveries in human history were made by women! But that doesn’t change the fact that female scientists are grossly underrepresented in cultures all around the world – including the United States. 894 more words


March 9th: Rosalind Franklin

Rosalind Franklin was an insanely brilliant chemist who specialized in X-ray crystallography (or X-ray diffraction).  Franklin knew from a young age that she wanted to be a scientist, and her parents sent her to one of the only girls’ schools at the time that taught physics and chemistry. 230 more words