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Can Women Be Scientists?

Of course women can be scientists. In fact, some of the greatest discoveries in human history were made by women! But that doesn’t change the fact that female scientists are grossly underrepresented in cultures all around the world – including the United States. 894 more words


March 9th: Rosalind Franklin

Rosalind Franklin was an insanely brilliant chemist who specialized in X-ray crystallography (or X-ray diffraction).  Franklin knew from a young age that she wanted to be a scientist, and her parents sent her to one of the only girls’ schools at the time that taught physics and chemistry. 230 more words

Todays Spotlight - Inspirational women in science

Many women have provided a rich source of inspiration for young scientists – both male and female – down the years. They’ve made remarkable discoveries, often despite ingrained sexism within their chosen field. 317 more words

Reaching the Stars at International Women's Day, M Shed

On Saturday, I was at the International Women’s Day event hosted by Bristol Women’s Voice at the M Shed in Bristol – by the beautiful harbour in the city centre – here’s the view out of the window: 276 more words


The Unsung Heroines of Science

In a time we celebrate women and their incredible achievements in every field there is, I feel we should take some time to celebrate the women who have made startling discoveries but have gone without recognition. 3,788 more words


Part 3A- The DNA

This chapter is enhanced when accompanied by the following song:

 Oh So Quiet (Björk, 1995)


TRANSCRIPT: Dr. David Sweet explaining the DNA profiles during the task force visit to look at the… 17 more words

True Crime

Voices United in Liberty: Young Women of Color in the American Educational System

The American narrative story is one that is always inherently at odds with itself, constantly rewriting it pages as it struggles to make real the stated values and highest ideals of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. 2,120 more words