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Update: Maggie

Maggie is the most frustrating character I’ve ever written. Her story has been in my mind for nine years. Nine years. And if you do the math, you will realize that she has been around longer than her mother. 486 more words


Motif Finding with Gibbs Sampling (F#)

The Problem

“Motif finding is a problem of finding common substrings of specified length in a set of strings. In bioinformatics, this is useful for finding transcription binding sites” (recap… 1,687 more words


Rosalind's Two Year Anniversary Giveaway

I am happy to announce Rosalind’s second anniversary on Amazon. Having reached the 15,000 download mark, it continues to make its way into Kindles everywhere. 12 more words


My muse is back...

Scary. Don’t do that again, muse. :)

The interesting thing about Maggie is that she came before Rosalind. I know, you’re asking “How did the daughter come before the mother?” 224 more words


Rosalind in F# - Consensus and Profile

Today, we’ll be looking at the Consensus and Profile problem. In this problem, we’ll take a series of DNA strings and find the most likely common ancestor of all of them by calculating the… 1,250 more words


My Time of Shakespeare: As You Like It

This play has left me with more questions than pleasant emotions or kindly insights. Yes, one must credit Shakespeare with an entertaining “romantic comedy” but also chide him, just a bit, for leaving much to the audience member’s disquiet. 822 more words

William Shakespeare

Rozalin - Disgaea II

Rozalin – Disgaea II

Year made: 2012
Cons worn to: Etna Comics 2012, Rakuen Halloween Mistery Night 2012, Katagames 2013,
Leto Comics 2015
Awards Won: 14 more words