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Wonder of a Whir

FINALLY. Boy, it really is the little things in life. I FIGURED OUT MY WASHING MACHINE! Tho it sounds exactly like a jet engine warming up for takeoff in my kitchen at the moment, it’s working. 255 more words


Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood

Miss Phryne Fisher arrives in Melbourne in 1928 to investigate the mysterious illness of a local bride.  Phryne is rich, titled and beautiful – but more importantly smart, vivacious and completely fearless. 200 more words


Hola!! It's surfmer time!

I’m learning to surf!! #northernCoastOfSpain #greatTeammates

Sebastian & Arthur (pronounced french-like, ~Athor) have extra surf gear & are super about encouraging the rest of the team to come join. 504 more words


Women in Science: Rosalind Franklin

Today marks the International Women’s Day, marking the progress of women socially, economically, culturally and politically, and it is worth mentioning the progress that women have made academically as well. 922 more words

Eaarly morning

Headed to Newport! First day with Botin/BMQR! Meeting NEB & co.