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(Written April 6, 2015 for Intro. to Creative Writing Course)

“ ever there was a woman who was mistreated, it was Rosalind Franklin, and she didn’t get the notice that she should have gotten for her work on DNA.” 100 more words

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Rosalind Series: FIB

This is actually a tricky little problem. It’s one of the first examples of recursion I ever learned, but recursion is far from the best way to solve the problem. 124 more words


Rosalind in Chelan - Part 3

I’m really not sure how many installments this will take, but I hope you enjoy reading #3. Part 1 and Part 2 are still available to read, and if you’d like more info on me or any of my other work, please visit my website at… 531 more words


Rosalind Series: REVC

 This is another simple one that’s essentially the same as the last. In this case, it’s much more straightforward to use the biopython method converting your string to the Seq object (though remember you might have to convert this back to a “string” later!) 60 more words


Rosalind Series: RNA, pt 2

Here’s an example of how absurdly easy transcribing a sequence is with only the built in python tools.

In [3]:

print seq.replace("T","U")
15 more words


Rosalind Series: RNA

This is another pretty straightforward problem, and it’s even easier if you use the Biopython package to avoid having to write all of the text changes by hand. 74 more words


Rosalind Series: DNA

This is essentially a test to see if I can post ipython code on this site without everything breaking.

The first problem on Rosalind is pretty trivial, although I’m sure some people have amazing answers with list comprehensions or something. 190 more words