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My Time of Shakespeare: As You Like It

This play has left me with more questions than pleasant emotions or kindly insights. Yes, one must credit Shakespeare with an entertaining “romantic comedy” but also chide him, just a bit, for leaving much to the audience member’s disquiet. 822 more words

William Shakespeare

Rozalin - Disgaea II

Rozalin – Disgaea II

Year made: 2012
Cons worn to: Etna Comics 2012, Rakuen Halloween Mistery Night 2012, Katagames 2013,
Leto Comics 2015
Awards Won: 14 more words


International Women's Day: 3 Powerful Women!

“When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she’s a bitch.”
― Bette Davis

Happy (Belated) International Women’s Day!  250 more words

Rosalind in F# - Finding a Protein Motif

Finding a Protein Motif is the problem we’ll be looking at today and it’s all about pattern matching. We’ll start by learning about motifs and their notation, and then we’ll move on to writing some code that can apply one to a protein string. 1,100 more words


Rosalind in F# - Overlap Graphs

Overlap Graphs is our next problem on the list. This problem has us looking at graphs, a data structure in computer science which tracks relationships between members of a group. 1,742 more words


Rosalind in F# - Calculating Protein Mass

After the real head scratcher that was the previous problem, Calculating Protein Mass is a nice change of pace.  In this problem we will learn about weighted alphabets, and use this knowledge to calculate the weight of a protein. 428 more words


Rosalind in F# - Independent Alleles

In Independent Alleles, we once again need to dive in to the world of probability and statistics. This time, however, there is no clever way around and no way elegant way to brute force our way to an answer. 1,213 more words