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Say hello to Hostiles, the next great western

If you dig a good western, you need to wait donkey’s years for one to come around. Top 10 lists for the genre don’t generally include anything this side of the 21st-century divide, although some (fairly) recent standouts include 2010’s… 702 more words


Stanley Tucci Joins Rosamund Pike, Jamie Dornan in 'A Private War' (EXCLUSIVE)

Stanley Tucci has enlisted in “A Private War,” the upcoming movie about famed war correspondent Marie Colvin, Variety has learned. He joins Rosamund Pike (“Gone Girl”), … 260 more words


292. Hostiles


I couldn’t tell if it was the sound of crickets chirping or my seatmate snoring during a nighttime scene in the second half of “Hostiles.” Regardless of who emitted the sound, me, my seatmate and the on-screen crickets were in complete agreement: we couldn’t wait for Christian Bale and his western Army cronies to get off screen. 749 more words

Hostiles (2017)

A slow-paced Western with A-list actors, Scott Cooper’s Hostiles is a ponderous Western that feels too lost in its own expansive landscapes. It’s about an Army captain (Christian Bale) reluctantly taking the lead to escort a Cheyenne chief to die on his native soil. 256 more words


Sorties ciné: mini-chroniques version podcast


Cette semaine, un peu de changement sur Le Bon, la Brute et le Critique avec un nouveau format podcast de mini-chroniques sur les sorties cinéma en cours ou à venir! 108 more words


Review: Hostiles (2018)

Written and Directed by Scott Cooper

UK Release Date: 5th January 2018

Feature Running Time: 134 minutes

In the year 1892, battle weary and tired army captain Joe Blocker (Christian Bale) is ordered by his colonel in command Abraham Biggs (Stephen Lang), to escort a Cheyenne chief (Wes Studi) and his family safely back to their homeland through dangerous American territory… 744 more words


7 Days in Entebbe Trailer #1 (2018) "Experience the Rescue Mission That Shook the World."

In 1976, an Air France flight was hijacked by terrorists and forced to land in Entebbe, Uganda.  The flight contained over 90 Israeli nationals, and while the world tried to figure out how to extricate the plane and its hostages from both the terrorists and a country currently under the rule of dictator Idi Amin, Israel came up with its own plan and executed one of the most daring covert ops in history.  77 more words