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David's Diary - November 29, 1970

Sunday, 29 November 1970

What a full, full day! Up about 9:00, had breakfast, shaved—left for the church shortly after 10:00—got things set up for the baptism, arranged banners—fair sized crowd turned out—Baptized Jennifer Lee Sullivan; preached on “Forgive Us Our Xmases.” Home about 12:45; mom had lunch all ready. 963 more words


David's Diary - November 21, 1970

Saturday, 21 November 1970

Wasn’t able to get to sleep last night; I got up about 1:30, read until about 2:30—then went back to bed—although I still didn’t get to sleep immediately. 939 more words


Gladys - October 28, 1970

Letter transcription:

118 Juniper Court
W. Lafayette, Ind. 47906
October 28, 1970

Dear David, Bonnie and Debby,

We have made plane reservation to fly to Boston November 24th (will be there to celebrate Dad’s birthday the 25th). 457 more words


Gladys - September 20, 1970

Letter transcription:

Sept. 20-1970

Dear David,

Since I sent your birthday gift with Bonnie’s, this will just be words. Have been rather busy since coming home, and having Mark’s three here one week kept me occupied that week, haven’t had much time to write but will hope to catch up on things when we come in Oct. 196 more words


Gladys - September 2, 1970


The check is for both of you. Will try and get David’s card out before his birthday.

Have been quite busy since coming home, but did have a most enjoyable trip. 147 more words


David's Diary - July 20, 1970

Monday, 20 July 1970

Up shortly after 9:00. As soon as I’d finished breakfast I wrote up my weekly article for the Eagle, plus a notice for the… 939 more words


David's Diary - June 18, 1970

Thursday, 18 June 1970

Not up until after 9:00. Had breakfast, then got to work again on Roberts’ OTTV—this again was my main preoccupation for the day. 913 more words