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Am I happy, what is happiness anyway, and how the hell do I know?

My lovely blog friend Iamnotshe wants to know, am I happy, what is happiness anyway, and how the hell do you know you’re happy?

First, a warning. 715 more words

Truth. The proof's in the eating.

I had a brother in law who thought he was God and his kid was the Second Coming.

Despite sharing the main thrust of this idea with Jesus Christ, it was generally agreed that my brother in law was mad (schizophrenic, actually).  96 more words

My cousin went to jail and now he sits on command!

The foster dog lady came to visit me today, to view my dungeons and generally see if I was a fit person to have the care of a needy dog. 289 more words

What's the point of the nation state?

Why do we live in ‘countries’ these days?


Oh I know why we HAVE countries. It’s because some tribal chief with a taste for domination and a tee-pee full of hungry dependents decided it’d be good to move the marker posts out a bit.  182 more words

Is intelligence un-Australian?

I’m not saying Australians are thick.

BUT – we have a kind of love/hate relationship with intelligence.  On the one hand, we’re really not dumb.  After all, we’re the country that invented the Hills Hoist!!! 557 more words

Why aren't you crying?


Why aren’t I crying?

Is there something wrong with me? Where are my proper feelings?

Mum died last week, and I loved her a whole heap.  272 more words

Why did Atlas shrug?

Ok, it probably wasn’t a good idea.  He was holding up the sky at the time and, well….oops.

But the thing is, he’d been reading Ayn Rand’s famous novel for about three days now, and it was beginning to look like the damn thing would NEVER end!  438 more words