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Scouting out the blitz

I have been asked to help with a BioBlitz at a site called Interstate Park, in southeast Little Rock, Arkansas.  This site is often overlooked, as a major highway (Interstate-30) passes overhead a portion of the park.  569 more words


Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Ahhh…fall migration! The air is still warm but the birds are moving! This is the time of year we get several questions about a strange black and white bird with a red mark on its chest. 305 more words

Bird Education

Happy Wildlife Day!

I love nature.

Wildlife intrigues me. I could watch animals or insects for hours.

Spending time outdoors, allows me to relax and think about my stories. 35 more words

Personal Blog

Going To Seed

The flowers are going to seed. The birds have waited all summer for the delicacies hidden in the dried flowers.

On the last Friday in August, a solitary goldfinch dug out the seeds in the cup-plant flowers in the garden. 325 more words


Recently seen at my Bird Feeder

Just a few of the characters that have been at my bird feeders the past few weeks.

The Eastern Phoebe is rarely seen at the feeder and this is the first time I’ve seen a House Wren at the feeder. 34 more words

Bird Photography

Early Summer Birds at Canadian Hill Farm

The Rose-breasted Grosbeaks are eating most of my sunflower seeds.

Helping the Grosbeaks are the American Goldfinches. They are also eating most of the thistle seeds. 87 more words

Bird Photography

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

When – 30th April, 2017
Where – Peace Valley Park, along the North side trail near the Nature Center

This Rose-breasted Grosbeak was handsomely posing for us on a branch very close to the trail. 107 more words