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November Photo Challenge-Day 3-Red

Today, November 3, 2015, photo challenge is the color red. Personally, I love to see Red in nature especially on birds and flowers.

But  I also love old red barns. 17 more words

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Pictures: More of my older stuff, here is a male and female Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

Weather: It has been running a little warm but the weatherman says it will be cooling off soon. 55 more words


Passage of the Rose-breasted Grosbeaks heralds approaching autumn

One of our favorite “yard birds” is the Rose-breasted Grosbeak. Their appearance is striking – large birds with crushing bills and a blood-red streak across a snow-white breast framed by ebony wings.  195 more words

Doodlewashing for Draw a Bird Day

Happy Back to ‘whatever it is you do on a regular basis’ after a nice long holiday weekend!

I recently did some “doodling” in my new art journal for… 256 more words


Hendrie (x3) + Ribfest

Really wanted to attend OFO’s trip to the Toronto Islands on Saturday but I know my limit and try to bird within my heat and humidity tolerance. 218 more words

Ontario Birds

THIS WEEK AT BEAR CREEK: Birds Who Love "Berries" and Bugs, the Sweet Song of an Invisible Bird and Spider Magic Down Below

Well, we’re at the tail end of summer.  The signs are there.  The small yellow leaflets of Black Walnut trees are littering the path.  (I always think black walnuts are sleepy  trees – the first to lose their leaves in the autumn, the last to wake in the spring.) Frogs skitter across the mud at the pond, but frog song is almost gone – only an occasional croak. 1,792 more words

The male rose-breasted grosbeak.

I had never seen this bird before, as it is not easy to see in the garden. For some reason, probably due to migrations, they come in waves and then depart. 30 more words