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Early Summer Birds on the Farm

A couple of Grey Catbirds have been hanging around the feeders. They generally don’t feed except they do have a sweet tooth for the grape jelly I have out for the orioles. 199 more words

Bird Photography

THIS WEEK AT BEAR CREEK: Visit the Bear Creek Nursery, Babies Galore! and One Strange Creature...

There’s just something endearing about almost any baby creature and now is the time to go “awww” in Bear Creek (or in your backyard for that matter!) 1,611 more words

This Week At Bear Creek

June Birds

Mid-June brought a lot of rain and cloudy skies with gaps when it’s possible to get out and see the birds! Although we didn’t see many ducks, except for a few mallards, there were a number of birds to be seen on the trails. 30 more words

It is our Hearts that you Feed

So elegant in your tuxedo
with your bold and bright red tie.

You sing such sweet melodies
as you spread your wings and fly.

You grace us with your beauty… 32 more words


This is for the birds

The bears are wandering around New Ipswich knocking over bird  feeders. I should take mine down but I keep it protected with a fence charger… 120 more words

New Ipswich

Birding the Hood

A combination of unpredictable weekend weather and outright curiosity caused me to spend some time in the last few weeks walking around the block, so to speak, to see what birds were present. 519 more words


Rose-breasted Grosbeaks

     Say the name rose-breasted grosbeak and most non-birders look at you like you have either lost your mind or are saying something derogatory.  Those of you fortunate enough to have this delightful bird visit your birdfeeder or bath during the summer months, however, know that neither is the case.  324 more words